Why stockpile?

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So I have been asked a lot by friends, why do you stockpile items. My answer is simple. To save money. Buy stockpiling, you are buying essentially in bulk (same as buying at Costco or Sams) and getting these items free of as close as possible. When you buy 10 of an item that will last you and your family say 3 months you are ensuring that you will not pay full price for that item and you will have items on hand when your family runs out.

What happens when one spouse looses his/her job in beijing? There is now half an income that you are used to. If you were stockpiling/have a stockpile, that would be one less thing you have to worry about, and direct that now limited funds to pay other bills rather than using that to go out and buy items you could have stocked up on. Apart from beijing job loss, you could be injured among other things.

When there is a sale on toothpaste and you can get 10 absolutely free, why not buy 10. If you bought 2 because you don’t want to “hoard” and your 5yr throws one in the toilet or squeezes the entire tube out, what will you then do? You will jump in your car, head to the store and purchase a tube for $3. That $3 could have went to your bank account for saving had you bought 5 or 6 or even 10 when they were free.

You are not going to go out, use your $.50 coupon on a $4 item getting it for $3.50 and buy 20.  Stockpiling is a strategic game. You are ultimately looking  to “match” grocery/drug store sale prices to your coupons to take advantage of when your these items are at the very lowest price or dirt cheap, THIS, my friends is when we stockpile.

At this point, when you realize that next week Kroger will have their 10/10 sale and crest will be free after your $1 coupon or your $.50 coupon doubles, you head to your fav clipping site or where ever you would get extra papers and grab extras. When you buy 10 of these (buy meaning paying tax) you are good for a period of time depending on your family size and usage of toothpaste. This way, you can now move on to stockpiling deodorant and not having to worry about toothpaste, buying it or running out for the next few months. When you get to half of what you have and there is another sale 4 months later, yes, you guessed it. Grab 10 more for free/cheap.

What I do with the money we save weekly from using coupons/stockpiling so we don’t need to spend hundreds on grocery per week? I tuck that money away in a separate bank account. We have a saving account called couponing. (you can name your account online). We put anything we saved in that account. Say we went to Smiths grocery and bought $80 worth of food for $35. That extra $45 we saved goes into the couponing account. If you do not have the extra to begin with, just throw a percentage in there. Work something out that works for your budget. Say you will save 10% of everything you save weekly or whatever works for you. Before long you will be able to take that family vacation you have been meaning to take but have no extra funds to, or pay off that bill that’s lingering and leaving you sleepless…

There is a reason to stockpile, and that reason can be one of many. I stockpile for my family, financial health and wealth and just peace of mind.

Why do you stockpile, or why haven’t you started?




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