Where to Stay In London – Airbnb, Hotel, Airbnb, Hotel?

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Airbnb or hotel? Airbnb or hotel? That was my dilemma looking at where to staying London and Paris this past spring break. A few of you wanted to know where I was staying in London since you are traveling there soon. For London, I went with a hotel. Paris, Airbnb. I will do a separate blog post for paris. Right now, lets focus on London.

I chose to go with a hotel. I looked at so many places to stay. Finding a hotel/Airbnb is the worst part of my trip. I want somewhere clean, bug free, close to everything and cheap. Hahahah, yeah, not a great combo. I looked for months on end. I finally decided on a hotel in the centre of London. Close to metro, bus and sites. Restaurants in walking distance is a must as when I am on vacay, even though I am trying to save I really do not want to cook so we eat out. One of the things I just have to do and will splurge on. Yes, I could make dinners in the room and save but, but….

So I chose South Pint Suites London Bridge. I am so glad we did. It is close to the underground, close to numerous bus stations, close to tons of great eateries, close to you guessed it, London bridge, tower bridge and more. We walked to those tops spots in a few mins. The shard is a few steps away, boroughs market, museum and more.

Yes, staying outside the city is cheaper. BUT, you have to consider transport cost. How much would it cost to ride into the city every day and back. How long would it take? I did not want to spend half my trip in transit, so I stayed close. The bus system was so awesome and pretty easy. I will do a separate post on that too.

We traveled with only carry on. Loved it, but of course on a 11 day trip could not hold all the clothes we needed without having to do laundry. So a place with free laundry was a must South point delivered. on the last night of our stay I went to do laundry, free to be able to take clean, fresh clothes to Paris.

Since this is a long term property, the room was equipped with a full on kitchen. Stove, microwave, utensils and all. PERFECT if you are wanting to save and eat a meal or two at home base. They also had breakfast at an additional cost, which I opted for. Kids are free, 12 and under so I only paid for myself, the boys were free. Be friendly. My oldest is 13 BUT because I was chatting it up with the manager and front desk they allowed him to eat free for the days we were there. So $8 for breakfast for all three of us? We could not pay that anywhere else. Full on yumminess.


Cereal, baked goods, eggs, coffee, tea among many other yummies. I was not disappointed, I loved it. PLUS, coffee and tea was available the entire day FREE! Just pop in and grab yourself a cup. They even had to go cups so you didn’t have to stay. Loved that.

The rooms were a little smaller in size compared to US standards. But we had lots of space. We had a bedroom and a living room. We had a pull out bed but opted to not use it and use that rom just for chilling, watching tv and lounging. The place was clean, not CLEAN but clean. My God sister is a hotel manager in London and came to check out the room with us before we went off to see the family. She of course said what I knew all along. Never use the glasses without washing, she saw they were not the cleanest, hair was on the sheets, which were clean so we chalked it up to the housekeeping shedding, but she said everything else looked pretty good.

I of course travel with or buy on location lysol, cleaning sprays and such. I sprayed/wiped remotes, switches, bedding etc. I always do, No matter the rating of a hotel, I am going to spray so much lysol we have to leave the room and come back later. Which we did hahaha.

I have no complaints. The front desk staff was great. They were quick to any issues we had, responded, were super awesome with the breakfast treat, friendly and chatty with us. I left feeling like we were old friends.

I LOVED the area as I noted above. It was close to a lot of the attractions, we could walk to London bridge, Tower bridge, The Shard, Underground, Bus stations, TONS of NICE restaurants, parks, church, museum and more. It was always lively, always have people on the streets coming and going. I felt safe walking anytime with my kids. We ate out later because that’s just us, so heading home after 10, 11pm and the place was still jumping with people eating, walking, chatting and such. Never felt we had to rush in and lock up.

There are lots of places to stay, for me this location was great and central. Stay somewhere central. Believe me, spending hours in transit and shelling out half your vacation cash on fare is not the way to go.

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