Welcome to the world of couponing.

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This may or may not be new to you, but couponing is one of the best ways these days to save money and help your family reach financial security.

There is a lot of misinformation in regards to coupons, what or how much it can save you and who uses coupons.

Coupons can save you anywhere from 30-99% of your grocery/household purchases. Coupon in itself is awesome and can save you a buck or two here and there. Strategically matching coupons with sales and clearances will help you maximize your savings and move you from saving a couple bucks to saving hundreds.

You do not have to do these matchups yourself, there are plenty of people, bloggers like myself, who do these store match ups and give you all the info. All you need to do is choose the items you want to purchase, look up the deals and you’re on your way.

Couponing is not just for those who cannot make ends meet. Couponing is for anyone who wants to save their family money, put aside college funds, vacation fund, have a little extra cash laying around to do as you please.

Once you start using coupons, get a rhythm, start a stock pile and you will need to buy less and less of certain items and only buy the perishables weekly, cutting your  bills in half or more. How much would you save if you didn’t have to purchase toiletries, cereal, and laundry items weekly if you had all this in stock for 3-4 months?

Where do I find these coupons to start saving?

Coupons are everywhere. They are in your Sunday paper, they are online at ready to be printed, they can be requested from companies that makes your favorite products, in magazines and the list goes on. You will never have a shortage of coupons.

Its too time consuming to clip, find deals and save.

How much Is an hour worth to you? The 1 or 2 hours it will take for you to clip, sort, find the match ups and make your shopping list could potentially save you 50% or more on your shopping bill. The time it just took you to do this made you money. Remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

Coupons are only for items I don’t use or need, or never for healthy stuff.

This is one complaint or may I say excuse I have heard about couponing. There ARE coupons for healthy food items, such as fresh fruits, meat, juice, baby foods, veggies and more. They may not be as many as say deodorants and toher toiletries, laundry care and such, but the are there. Just this past week I got $4 worth of fruits free just for buying cereal, which only cost me $.91 per box for Kellogg’s, that were (without coupon and sale) $3.50 a box at Walmart and more at other grocery chains.

There is some learning needed when venturing into the world of coupons, learning how to shop for free at Walgreens, CVS or Rite aid. Learning how to get meat, veggies and such for free from Walmart, or even how to get cash to take products home from Walmart. Yes, Walmart will pay you actual cash in your hands to take home their products.

Does stores in your area double?

Yes stores will double the face value of your coupon making it even easier to save and get items for free or really cheap. Stacking coupons to maximize saving, using a manufacturer coupon as well as a store coupon which results in free or insanely cheap products. But the time it will take you to become familiar with these information will prove to be a valuable one.

Couponing is not this crazy, buying 1million hot sauce, paper clipping crazy fad. It works, its real and I can testify to this fact. Since I started stockpiling I have accumulated at least 6-12 months worth of items for my family including diaper and more for my 4 month old and only need perishables per week, which runs about $20-$50 per week, this from spending over $200 on grocery a yr ago.

Hello, I am Cavetta, and I save my family upwards of $150 per week just by couponing.

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