Walgreens Run 5/2 = FREE You can do it too!!

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(Dont mind the paper beside the stuff on the counter. Its my stash of coupons to clip)


Whheeewwww I am home. Today was one of those days indeed. I went in with my plan, my different transactions and got to the store to realize I left a coupon for one of the transactions. No biggie, I just skipped that one for another day. Didn’t get the correct Veet to ring u three times so then had to run back to change it and then re cash out. But it was fine. I got an awesome cashier who I asked to check me out at the beauty counter so I wouldn’t be holding up the main line. I was the only one around there so I was able to take my time. She said I was like the 6th person who came in and cashed out in different transaction and since we were using the RR to purchase other things she thought it was just brilliant…So of course I made a new friend and will be looking for her every time I shop…

I used RR I got last week from other shopping trips and only had to pay like $3 bucks but used coins I picked up around the house I wouldn’t have used otherwise. sad to say I have thrown out coins before and now see all i could get for a few quarters and such…Keep your coins…lol


Coupon tips for today:

Always remain calm so you can see exactly what you’re doing

If you forget a coupon or two. Don’t panic, skip those items till next time and redo the shopping scenario in your head on on your paper you took in. you will find its not as bad as you would think it would be.

The less distractions you have the better. I had both sons and hubby with me. while hubby was helpful my 5yr got restless pretty quickly ad if I wasn’t on top of my game would have thrown me off. And the baby was getting fussy to boot…If possible, go by yourself so you can stay focused and calm…



Happy couponing



Stuff I bought.

(2) 12 pack cottenelle toilet paper

5 candy I used as fillers for some transaction

1 doz egg

1 Gallon of milk

2 pack of 4 Noxzema Razors

2 boxes of veet wax strips

2 packs Bic soleil

Tylenol precise neck and back heat patch

Tylenol precise pain relief cream

3 Johnson and Johnson first aid kit

2 blue Diamond Almonds

GUM flossers


Final cost FREE (or a few coins since I paid tax and such using coins I found around the house and in my purses I wouldn’t have used otherwise. So I say free since I didnt come out of pocket anything really since the coins were basically free…lol)



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