Walgreens 2012 Black Friday Sneak Peek!!

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Here is a super duper early sneak peek of some items that will be on sale at Wags this Black Friday. Last yr was AWESOME! cant wait to see what this yr holds. And the best part is/was we went the night BEFORE thanksgiving (midnight) at the 12hr stores to grab these deals. I remember my CVS receipt with ECB’s being twice my height and all was free plus MM.


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt $5.99, get $6 RR

Midnite Menopause Chew Tab $7.00, get $7 RR


  • -$2 MidNite, regular, for Menopause or PM (exp 03/31/2013) 09/09/2012 SS
  • $1 MidNite regular, for Menopause or PM (exp 11/30/2012) 05/13/2012 SS

Herbal Essences (Assorted) $2.99, get $3 RR (we have be getting coupons for these regular so hopefully we will get some in Oct/Nov)

Sheets Sleep Strips $4.99, get $5 RR

Sheets Energy Strips $3.99, get $4 RR

Hairsil Accelerator Shampoo, 4 oz. $7.99, get 8 RR

Got2B Spiking Glue, 6 oz. $1.99, get $2 RR

Dream Water Shot $2.49, get $2.50 RR

Goody Colour Collection Coutour Clips $2.00, get $2 RR

Renew Life Ultimate Chialife Seeds $10, get $10 RR

Blu Science Trim Blu (60 ct) $10, get back $10 RR

Carmex Lime Twist Bulk Stick (.15 oz) or Lip balm Cherry tube $1, get back $1 RR

Cepacol Max Numbing Honey Lemon lozenge or Cherry$3, get back $3 RR

Crest 3D White vivid Radiant or Arctic Fresh$3, get back $3 RR

Gum Micro Tip Compact (2 ct) toothbrush$1.49, get back $1.49

Hairsil Accelerator shampoo (4 oz) $7.99, get back $8 RR

Supernutrition Simply One men or women  tabs $10, get back $10 RR

Colgate Total Gum Defense (4 oz) or Total Advanced Clean (4 oz) $2.99, get back $2 RR

Use the $1 off Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste, 5.8 oz, November Walgreens coupon booklet

Pay – $1.99, get back $2

Final price – FREE


Listerine Pocketmist spray Freshburst$1.99, get back $1.50 RR

Pert Plus 2in1$2.99, get back $2 RR (hoping a coupon comes out)

Revlon S/L lipstick Love Red$6.99, get back $5 RR


All Lumene 40% Off. Buy 2 Get 2000 Points


Buy 2 Lumene wipes $6.99 (before 40% discount)

Use 2 – $4/1 Lumene coupon

Pay – $.38, get back 2000 points ($2)

Final price – FREE plus MM!!



Some other great priced items coming. Hopefully for a lot of these we will see coupon with expiration after BF we can stack. Both manufacture and Wags monthly book.

Arm & Hammer 3/$6.99

Tuf Towels 10/$5.00

Big Roll Toilet Paper 10/$5.00

Cottonelle Toilet Paper $3.99

Scott Paper Towels $3.99




Thanks Sam for the list so far


  1. Not as much as what they had last year. Hoping we see some more deals pop up with the Nov. P&G. Made out like a bandit last year, cant wait to repeat and hopefully improve on it all this year!

  2. AAHHH! I freakin’ love you! haha, but really, I have been DYING to know what there is going to be for black friday this year! Last black friday was how i started couponing so I couldn’t wait for this year. Thanks so much.

    • Hhehee you are most welcome 🙂 I was itching too. Cant wait to see all the other stuff…Lol we are such addicts…Hahah 🙂

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