Walgreens 101 Crash Course!

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Lets get back to basics. You are new to couponing and have  questions. Welcome to the Walgreens weekend crash course. Everything you need to know about shopping at Wags (Walgreens)



Balance Rewards Points (See detailed info on BR in my blog post HERE)


First, sign up online or at the check out register for a balance rewards card. This is what you scan to get sale prices, store and redeem points and more. Print your coupon policy and walk with it!!!

What are balance rewards points? This is an incentive, cash back, for buying certain sales items. Each week we have various items that will give points back when you shop. When you spend a certain amount, or purchase a specific item that generate points back. It goes right on your card and you can see your updated balance reflected immediately.

Can I use points to buy something and get more points? ie rolling points? No, you cannot pay with points and earn points. Boo, I know but that’s how it is. If you buy Colgate and get back $2 in points, You can not buy another one, use your points and get point again. You will loose out.

You can, however, use points to buy an item that produces a RR (will go into that later) and earn points.

How can I redeem my points? Points can be redeemed at check out. Now, you can redeem as little as $1 in points. $1, $2, $3, $5, $10. When check out, once your balance hit a threshold, the cashier will sometimes ask if you would like to use your points, since it does pop up on there screen. You can also ask to use your points and it will be applied.


Points CAN be redeemed towards tax, which is a good thing as take can eat up so much of our oop.

Points wont expire, just use your card at least once every 6 months or so.



Register Rewards


What are RR (register Rewards)? Register Rewards are coupons off your next purchase that prints from the Catalina machine, beside the cash register.

What if my RR does print but its advertised? Inform the cashier, manager. Sometimes the machine may be out of paper, off, not working properly etc. Sometimes there is a system error where Wags corp has to get it fixed and turn it on. It happens, not a lot but it does. In this case the manager will offer you a GC or the amount off your next transaction if you are doing multiply transaction.

Can I use the RR I just got and buy more of the same product? I want to stock up. NO! You cannot use RR for the same amount from the same company and get another. It simply will not print. You can however buy another item, different company that is producing RR and use the previous and get a new one.

What does rolling RR mean? When I say run, the RR is rolling, it means there is a glitch and the RR is printing again for the product even if you use the RR you just got back to pay for it. It happens every so often, not a lot but when it does its like Xmas. Colgate is notorious to roll.

How long do I have to use RR? RR typically last 2 weeks from print date, not very long so keep that in mind when getting items.

I tried to use my RR but it wouldn’t go thru, said too many coupons? RR are coupons, since you can only use 1 coupon per item, you will need whats called a filler. SO if you have 4 items and 4 manufacture coupons and 2 RR, you will need an additional 2 items to have the same amount of coupons and RR as items you have. We grab clearance items, candy, cheap office/school/holiday items on sale that week to lessen oop and use to catch the RR



Wags Coupon Policy

Print and walk with the coupon policy.

Main points to keep in mind.


Wags recently made changes to their policy. They will no long adjust a coupon down. Meaning if your item is $.49 and the coupon is for $.50, they wont adjust. Some stores will still do this for you, some may adjust the price of the item up a penny, some just wont budge. If its in the ad and not giving RR or points, price match at Walmart or Target to save the headache.


Does Wags give overage? No. Their coupon policy says they do not give overage on coupons. Does it happen, yes, if the cashier doesn’t catch the overage, it may apply to your basket assuming you have other items buying at the same time.

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