Super HOT DiGiorno Pizzas Deal @ CVS 10/14 – $.90 Each! **GONE**

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Here is an even yummier deal to score with these new B2G1 FREE DiGiorno Large Pizzas (up to $6.51) Zip 50545!! andΒ $2/2 DiGiorno Large Pizzas printables at CVS starting 10/14.Β  CVS will have the pizza on sale B1G1. The price will vary from area to area but the last time I looked at mys tore I believe they were about $7.49. Going with that price we can score them under $1 that week. Wow!! Make sure you grab this coupon before its gone.



Deal idea

Buy 6 Digiorno Pizzas $7.49 each total $44.94

– $22.47 (b1g1 sale)

Use 2– B2G1 FREE DiGiorno Large Pizzas (up to $6.51) Zip 50545!!

And use 2 – $2/2 DiGiorno Large Pizzas 53213 (CVS allows us to use a cents off coupon with a b1g1 coupon)

Final price – $5.45 for all or $.90 each!!


Without the $2/2 they would end up costing $1.56 each. Still a fab price.






  1. vetta, thank you so much. i got my 6 boxes. wish i had printed more mq’s when they were still available but my little man will have pizza all week long. paid only $5.45 for all six of them πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the reply,I can only hope the cashiers at cvs dont give me a hard time on this one ! I have the cvs coupon policy in my binder ,so crossing fingers it all goes well.

  3. Trying to wrap my head around this
    ok…have 6 pizza…with b1g1 free at cvs then we only pay for 3 pizza’s so how do we use 2 of the mq of buy 2 get 1 free when we are actually only paying for 3 pizzas ?

    • CVS allows us to use a coupon on the items that are free thru their sale so even though its free thru CVS we can still use the coupon on it so we are using coupons on all 6 not just the 3 we actually pay for. HTH

  4. Thanks! This deal is awesome. My hubby loves eating these πŸ™‚

    I’m a little confuse though. Since we are buying 6 items, I thought that we can only use (2) B2G1 Free coupons and (1) $2/2 coupon.

    (1) B2G1 FREE Coupon on 2 pizzas(since we are buying 2)
    (1) B2G1 Free Coupon on 2 pizzas (since we are buying 2)
    (1) $2/2 coupon on 2 pizzas( I’m going to use this coupon for the 2 free items)
    = 6 Pizzas

    Can you please explain to me how are you going to use the other $2/2 coupon? Thanks again :).

    • You cannot use the coupon on the 2 you are getting free, those already have the b2g1 attached. You can only use a coupon on the ones you are buying which is 4. Buy 6 – 2 (b1g1) you are left buying 4 so you can use 4 coupons or 2 $2/2. HTH

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