Say What? Free Organic Carrots!!!

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Go grab this coupon ASAP, who knows how long it will last. Its says off any so you can of course get other veggies of you like.


Take the quiz by clicking here to print $1/1 Any Earthbound Farm Organic Product. You can print this TWICE, print and then hit your back button. Walmart sells the carrots for $0.97 making them free with coupon plus $0.03 overage.


1) Creating rich

2) Fix Nutrients in the soil

3)Build up diseases

4) Labor intensive

5) all of the above

6) tradition methods of crop rotation

7) do not absorb nutrients

8) 5000 amphids

9) synthetic

10)eat crops

11) parasitic wasp

12) National Organic Program



Thanks FS2FYM

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