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Do you have a question about coupons? Not sure about something? Go ahead and ask away here and I will answer as best I can. Lets save together!! You can answer too…:)


Happy couponing!


  1. Hey Marie, coupons have a print limit so I always encourage to print ASAP because once its reached it gone and you will get a message saying its reached or you just wont see the coupon. When I say reset I would have been talking about end of the month. coupon sites change/take down put up coupons at that time so some you see during then month wont necessarily be there come the 1st. Also coupons resetting could mean that since you can only print 2 coupons, say for Kotex, you print them, then 2 weeks from now you are able to print them again, so now you have 4 instead of just 2 if you only printed it two weeks from now. Where as some coupons never or take months to reset so you can reprint. HTH (sorry for long post)

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