P&G Glitch @ Dollar General! FREE Plus $7 Money Maker Items!!

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Here is a super deal to snag at Dollar General. It is a glitch and could be fixed at ANYtime. P&G deals seem to be glitching everywhere since they have been doing the spend $30 get $10 cat or buy certain items get the $10 Cat.

This one is spiting out a $10 Catalina on your receipt when you buy 3 bounce items. Other items may be working but this is the one I tried thank to Casandra’s email.

Here is the deal

Buy 3 bounce 24 count sheets $2 each

Use – $3/3 Tide detergent or Boost, Downy or Bounce product, excl trial size and Pods, PG 4/28

Pay – $3, get back $10 Catalina

final price – FREE plus $7 MM

Next transaction

3 bounce

1 lysol spray $2

2 Lysol wipes $5

1 candy thingy $.29

Use $3/3 bounce coupon (had no lysol coupon but needed)

Total $10.29

Paid with $10 cat, $.29 oop, Got back another $10 cat.

Then I did another transaction with the egg, milk and choco milk

The cat would not scan if it made my total $0, or maybe that was my cashier. I also has issue with the infamous 1 per purchase, so I can only use one coupon period and a whole lot of other goodies that would have you guys reeling.

I rolled it 3 more times, the 3rd time I didn’t get another cat. Not sure why. But I pretty much think I am done with DG. I never shopped there before coupons and since I did a few times its been the worst. I cannot even get thru to the workers. They are stuck in their thinking so it makes no sense trying to explain anything.IMAG0940

Hope you have better luck if the deal is still going and you grab some πŸ™‚


  1. We FINALLY. Got a dollar general here and I have to say I was disappointed. They had no inventory for me to even use the $5 off $25 coupon. And no $2 bounce. Now they had the $4 ones and I probably should have done that to see if the glitch works. Oh well. Maybe next deal will be better.

  2. I just did this deal at 8:00 p.m. and it is still working! I love when you can roll coupons!!!

  3. I just went and did 2 more transactions and the lady said they received emails about it this morning and it will be stopping today.

  4. I did it 7 times, at 5 different stores, twice at two same stores on Monday and Tuesday morning. Total oop was about $7!
    Heard some were doing it with crest and other items that equal $3 after coupons????

  5. I just did it about 15 minutes ago and it worked the first 2 times but did not work the 3rd time. Needless to say, I am stocked on dryer sheets for quite sometime. πŸ™‚

  6. I went to try it today since I did not get it yesterday and guess what? Di not work! Happy for the ones who were able to get them.

  7. Found my 3 $3/3 coupon so do you think it would be bad to take back the 3 I purchased and repurchase with a coupon to see if it works. Either way if it doesn’t it saves me $3

    • When this Allen’s to me (I used to forget coupons a lot). I simply take it to the cashier a d explain you forgot to apply your coupons to your order. The good ones will take it from there and basically hand you $3. Now the coupon Nazis the first time the even say a wrong word just tell them that this is a simple refund. And then you repurchase the products. If they give you crap get the name and note the time and call corporate. Or better yet. Email corporate and include the date and name and store location time. Be factual and you will get a response.

  8. Tried it our here and not cat back. Do you have to use the coupon??? Bc I don’t have it and can’t find it to print.

  9. It worked for me multiple times at 3 different stores! Thank you sooo much!!

    Although when I bought 4 and used 2 of the $1.50 off 2, it did not work. Maybe 3 is the magic number.

    Gonna try again tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  10. i was able did this 5 times at two different stores and it printed out the first three times for me ty for the info πŸ™‚

  11. Will this work if you buy 2 Bounce? Has anyone tried? Im wondering because the store only had 2 left and I was tempted to try.

  12. Thank you! Just did the deal at 6:22pm and 6:37pm and it worked both times! Was able to get some OJ, milk, and bread for free (well, tax). Thanks Vetta!

  13. Bought the 3 bounce at 10:30 am and did not get catalina any idea why? I read that some of you are still getting it

  14. did this fine at 9:28 and 9:48 a.m. got back $10 off each time. When I did it again at 10:22 a.m I didn’t get back the $10 off. I don’t know if the registers sensed that it was my 3rd purchase or if they caught & fixed the glitch by then. Anyway, wow! I got a lot of goodies at DG today, and had no problems at the register about any of my coupons.

    • Yay! Glad you got some. Its still working but seems for some reason we all get a transaction where the cat will nt print. No idea whats causing that. But its still going.

  15. THANK YOU, ty, ty!!! I’ve been eyeing new towels at DG for months! Went in, got the 3 Bounce, tried w/ buying towels/rugs totaling over the $7 overage… WORKED!!!!!!!!!!
    Paying out $1-2.
    I did it 2xs, DD did it 2xs, NO PROBLEMO. DD went to do more stores w/ her sister.
    LOVE YOU! So will my newly toweled Bathroom. lol

    • Woohoo!! Glad you guys got some goodies! πŸ™‚ I now know I have awesome towels to wipe my hands with when I come visit. Hehe πŸ™‚

  16. Do every DG have a catalina or will we need to ask if they do first since I don’t shop there. JW

    btw, did the nail polish at ra today and no cat, just $20 +up, bummer lol

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