Not Seeing SavingWithVetta’s Post In Your Facebook News Feed? Here Is Why!!

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Hey guys, if you are seeing this post on your facebook page, you are one of the few who are able to see it without me paying for those of you who like my page on FB to see it. With the recent changes, to have all the fans on the page see the post I make, I have to pay for EACH post to show up as seen in the picture.

To help make sure you get my post and deals, sign up to get a text each time a post a deal. Text follow savingwithvetta to 40404. Or you can go to savingwithvetta’s facebook page, click or hover over the like button, and make sure show in news feed is selected.

Right now only a handful of people are getting these post, facebook shows how many and its not a lot even though you all like the page. If I want everyone who likes the page to see each post, i will have to pay $20!

Help me spread the word so you never miss a deal or steal I post.

Thanks guys for being here. 🙂



  1. I do see your feeds on my FB page but I signed up for the alerts a while ago and haven’t received any since I signed up.

  2. Hi Vetta!

    I actually DO see your posts but thanks for mentioning incase something changes. I will sign up for texts also!

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