Must Buy Items At The Dollar Tree For Your Next Cruise/Vacation!

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Summer means beach days, vacay, pool and more. Heading on a cruise? Or even to the beach? The Dollar Tree should be your first stop. I packed BIG for our cruise. While we only took backpacks for 11 days in Europe, we brought the entire house for the cruise. 8 days means 8 days in beach/island wear, then dinner wear, then sleeping clothes along with all the other little things we need to pack. The Dollar Tree saved the day. Here are some must pack. I went a little overboard but everything I packed I needed.




Pool/Beach toys. Lots of summer fun water toys. Sand diggers, beach balls, floaties (small but good for kids) I grabbed a few and just left with kids at the beach to enjoy.

Sanitizing wipes. I HAVE to have wipes with me. Anywhere I go to spray/wipe down all hard surface after looking for bed bugs.

Sunscreen. While I did’t but sunscreen from DT, they have really good ones to grab. I got mine off Amazon with FSA so that is the only reason I didn’t snag any.

Meds. Off brand meds that are great to take. Vitamin C, to fight off the nasties, pain killers for over drinking, cough and cold meds, antiacid and more. Must bring a med pack everywhere I go.

First aid kit is a must buy. They have a small one with essentials. Bandaids are also sold buy the box if you need more.

Baby powder. Great for getting sand off your body. The talc dries your skin and the sand just brushes right off. Never go to the beach without it.

Water bottles


Push lights – Perfect to keep the room lit at night to easily find your way to the bathroom and more


Magic towels (tiny towels that gets to a decent sized rag for on the go and requires less packing space)

Air freshness

Charging cables

Shower cap

Large clothespin for holding towels to beach chair

Organizational items. Small mesh bags, foldable bins etc for staying on top of your stuff when traveling. Makes everything easy to find and the room (small room) less cluttered

There are so many more things to grab. Be sure to sop in to your local Dt to check out what they have.

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