Make sure your watching the cashier

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So I was at Walmart tonight making my purchase using my coupons. I handed the lady a coupon for $3 off and the product was priced at $2.98. She wouldnt ring it up because she said the coupon was more than the product price. I advised her that its Walmarts policy that they can take it and any overage would go towards m other products. She had to call over a sup who told her the same thing. By this time I was a little annoyed. Next I had the Tylonol coupons for $5 off and they were priced at $5.97. She stooh there reading the coupon…Why? I have no idea. She then proceeded to scan or barely I shuld say scan them. The barcode was not even in the range of the scanner. Then she said it wouldnt take them. By this time I was furisous. I asked her politely to take them off my tab, hand them to me and I will continue my check out at guest service.

Once at guest service I explained what had happened. The lady at GS took and scan the products and in one scan scanned the coupons thru with no problem.

Make sure you watch what s being done and if not satisfied go to someone who is more competent in your eyes. All in all I got everything taken care of was happy atr the end of my shhopping trip.

So go grab your precise ASAP. I feel a back pain coming on I am about to go try one and or the cream…:)

Happy couponing!!!




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