Jingit – Smore Ad Back, Jell-O Ad Still Paying!! Dont Forget To Jingit And Earn Cash For The Holidays!!

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Yay! I just did the smore ad!! Its back..I am not sure if its paying every 2 hrs as I just did it. But we have that one back as well as the 2 Jell-o ads and Elmers. I am loving that we are getting new and repeat ads. Yay Xmas!!



Woohoo all my Jingit-ers. We have a new Jell-O ad (comes with 2 ads) paying $.25 each. So we can earn another $.50 from ads. I think this is the same ones from our account. I watched the ones from my account this morning then I just watched these 2 and got paid.

**Note** it will say no ads to view check back later in your account. Be sure to come here daily and click the links to be able to watch ads and get paid.

Go HERE to watch Jello Ad.


As of now its one per day, if I find it pays more then I will let you know.


**New** Halloween Campaign with Mars Chocolate

**New** Snickers Halloween Ad

Go HERE to watch Jello Ad. 2 ads in this video (earning $.50 total)

Watch Smores ad HERE – Confirmed 10/15 reset so I did it more than once in one day. Resets every 2 hrs.

Watch Elmers Glue ad HERE **Now Elmers Glue All** <<<<<<<<click

Billy on the streets HERE CAN ONLY WATCH ONCE! PAYS $1!! **NOTE** a lot have been saying it pays them more than once, or every day so try your luck. It hasn’t reset for me. <<<<<<<<click


***With these ads you can make $2 per day, if you are able to do the Billy on the streets thats $3***


Go HERE to learn about Jingit and get more info



  1. is the smores and the elmers glue ad still available today? I just tried for the first time today and it said check back later…

  2. Hi Vetta First I Wanna Say Thanks For Everything!!
    I Have A Question When I Get My Jingit Card Can I Buy Anything Or Does It Have A Restriction On Some Items??

    • You are most welcome. The Jingit card is a bank debit card, so you use it as you would cash/credit card/debit. Buy as you please 🙂 HTH

  3. Hi Vetta,

    Were you able to get the Mars ad to load? I am having trouble getting it to load; that is the only ad I am having trouble getting to load.

    • Hey, yes it did load for me. I did it this morning. Maybe try another browser. I see others having issues too but doing that helped. 🙂

  4. Vetta,for some reason why i try to apply for the jingit card it keeps denying me…not sure why, My balance is over $10. is anyone else having this issue? Please help!

    • Hhmm, I a not sure why its doing that. I think i read that someone else was having that problem and tried back and it worked a few days later. I am not sure if its something with their system but it should work. Have you been trying a while? I am sure they have contact info someone I would try reaching out to them. 🙁 Sorry that is happening but I am sure it will be fixed soon.

      • Thank you Vetta, I contacted them and said to keep trying. I guess there traffic is so busy. I’ve tried for 3 days now.. so hopefully I will have luck soon.. Can’t wait for my card!! Thank you again and I love your site and your deals. You are so Awesome!!! I’m your biggest fan!! and wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting about the smore ad. I have tried since 7:30 am today to login in to Jingit, but can’t get in. I was able to use your links and get all those just now, so now I’m happy. Still waiting for my card to come in the mail. Thanks for helping me earn $$$!

    • You are very welcome Nadine. The card it says takes about 3 weeks but mine did come quicker than that. Maybe now with a lot of people doing it it it taking a bit longer but you will be happy when you get it. Yes, there are no ads in our account again but you can earn through the links. 🙂 I will test the smore later to see if its doing every 2 hrs again and update 🙂 I am very happy to help. Free money is good. Hehe 🙂

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