Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven, 10-Quart Initial Review And French Fries Test!

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Any other french fries lovers out there? I LOVE fries. But making them was a pain frying with all that oil and splatter. Which is why I always wanted an air fryer. Then the Instant Vortex 7 in 1 came out. I already had an instant pot which I love so why not give this a try. I loved the rotisserie part about it. And the dehydrator without running my large oven for 10 hrs ( will make fruit stretch for the kids and some jerky soon)

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Right out the box I followed the manual and did the initial test. Air fry, 400 for 20 mins.

I practiced getting the basket in and out before I tried to put any food in. It was easy enough and I got it after the first try.

Everything functioned as it should.

I made some TGI Friday’s Boneless frozen wings. Set to bake, 380 around 10 mins and they were perfect. I covered the tray with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier.




The Fries

Chopped up some russet potatoes.

Washed and dried with a kitchen towel.

Seasoned with garlic salt and a Mediterranean seasoning I picked up at Aldi. It is a 4 in one, see picture below.

Set the oven to 380 degrees, 20 mins, air fry and let it heat up.

Once the screen flashed add food I put the basket that I had already loaded the fried into in the Vortex. I like my fries crispy so I decided to check at 18 mins. They were perfectly brown.


I cannot believe how easy and quick they were. No mess either. The pans are so easy to clean. Soap and water and that was it. I did wipe inside the Vortex even though there was no splatter, just in case there was something my eyes missed.

Best. Fries. Ever. So yumm. I was home alone so I devoured the entire thing. The kids will freak once I make them some tomorrow.

I LOVE that

I didn’t have to stand over the stove fryer in oil and splattering everywhere

I didn’t use a half a bottle of oil

My kitchen smelled amazing while cooking

It did not heat up my house like my regular oven would

And it air friend my fries, not baked like if I used the over to avoid frying in oil.

Clean up was pretty easy. I washed the drip tray with soap and water. The basket was a little tricker. I started with a sponge and soap but that wasn’t working quite well for me personally. Bring a couponer I have a few extra toothbrush so I grabbed a pack and used it to scrub. SO MUCH BETTER but so slow because, well, it’s a toothbrush. So now I will go and grab me a brush to use. The pedicure brush at Dollar tree should work great. Or whatever type of kitchen brush you want to use.

I wiped the inside with a wet dish cloth and it was easy and perfect.

I also think a degreaser like Greased Lightening HERE should work perfectly when making bacon and other greasy food. Making cleanup a breeze too.


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