Huggies Wipes Deal Expired!

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Well it lasted way longer than I thought. I am very glad most of you were finding them and got to score some free or cheap wipes. It is done dead and no longer printing the $2RR. It was great while it lasted. 🙂


  1. i think i was doing the deal when it stopped…lol last night. I found two on the shelf and was rolling rewards btwn the wipes and the cough drops…well my first roll worked well. Went to the car for another coupon and came back into the store for my second pack of wipes…the second time it did not work. It was about 6:30pm on Tuesday :-(!!!!

    Also, the Right Guard didn’t work for me. I found 4 of the clearance right guard body washes on the shelf. I used my coupons, but I did not get my $4 🙁 !!! Maybe that deal is regional!!!!

    Anyway, at least the right guard was cheap.

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