How To View All Coupons On On One Page Quickly!!!

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Since the new layout of, its been a pain to find the coupon you need hitting show more coupons and going all the way to the end to find coupons you already printed. Well here is a nifty way to load all the coupons on one page so you can just scroll from top to bottom. Once you are on the coupons page, hit your space bar a couple times, 10-15 or so and it loads all the pages on one page without you hitting show more. Easy as pie right? Yup, it worked for me on windows, let us know if it works for you too 🙂







Thanks Angela and Passionforsaving


  1. Hi Do you mean hit the enter button 10x? I still havent been able to get this to work! I use chrome so maybe that is why. Thanks!

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