How Do You Make Prepared Meals Your Own?

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As you know, I have been stocking up on Digiorno dipping strips and pizza with cinnamon stick all month long as apart of the Vons/Safeway frozen deal. This deal ends in a few days so if you haven’t yet, head to your local Vons or affiliate to score $1.25 or $1 pizza, depending on the type you get.

I have been buying only the 4 cheese type because the only others they had contained pork and my family does not eat pork. But who wants to eat 4 cheese pizza all the time? I bought them with the intention of making it my own, adding my own toppings and making each pizza different. Last night we had pizza for dinner and of course my 6yr old was thrilled with having pizza for dinner in the week (we usually eat pizza on the weekends).

I had made crock pot roast the day before and had some left over. I decided to ad this to one of the pizzas making a steak pizza and leave the other as 4 cheese. The meat was in the freezer but I had taken it out a few mins or so prior to turning on the oven.

I then shredded the meat with two forks to make it think and separated, then laid it on the pizza, placing some of the “sauce” with it and placed it in the oven. It was a hit. The beef had a nice char to it, and the sauce changed the taste of the pizza a little, making for a great steak 4 cheese concoction. I have tons of ideas for all the other pizzas I have left. Onion/bell peppers/pineapple and chicken is the next pizza night goodie I will make.

Nom Nom

How do you change frozen/store bought food to make it your own?


  1. I did this deal last night and actually cleared the shelf for the first time. I’m so ashamed, but how can you pass up $2.00 for two pizzas. They will come in handy on those lazy days. Thanks Miss V!

  2. I too do not eat pork so it took me a while to find just the cheese dipping strips/ pizza & cinno sticks kind. I usually add ground beef and vegies to mine and just ground beef and pineapple pieces for the kids. They absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing all the deals with us Vetta, you are AMAZING!!!

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