How Can I save On Meat?

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We coupon to save our family money, we coupon for fun, we coupon because, well, its smart. Most items that we buy are none food items and some people do not want to coupon because they say there is never a good coupon for food. When we save money on all our none food items, free toothpaste, free body wash, 70% off what we payed for TP or PT. We free up some of that monthly budget for food.

I have figured out that I can save tons on food just as I save on everything else. watching the sales, using coupons, taking advantage of Catalinas. Exampe the Frozen foods deal at Vons this month, or the Kraft cheese event at Smiths/Kroger a week ago. Who knew you could get free/$.31 cheese slices, Fresh Takes, Indulgence and more.

The question I get a lot, and the question I do sometimes ask, how do I save on meat? Well today I realized (at the last day of the sale) that food 4 Less was having a sale on whole fryer chicken for $.77lbs. This is the cheapest I have seen chicken in Vegas. I was shocked and happy as I was in need of chicken. My freezer space was almost full from the Vons/Safeway deal but I had to get meat, and at $.77 per pound? That was a cant miss deal.

I went online and checked the sale prices at various grocery stores.

Smiths (same as Food 4 Less just in another part of town) had their whole fryer for $.99lb

Vons was priced at $1.69

Albertsons $1.49

Walmart?? cheaper than the last two but not $.77lb

I decided that I had to get some chicken, even if it was a little drive away. Hubby was heading back from a meeting and on his way home and had to pass the store, so he offered to go in and grab a few chickens. While there he found managers special on half turkey marked down 50%, he grabbed 2.  There was a great deal on beef shank he just had to grab. Walking past produce, he spotted $.58lb Apples, compared to Walmart price of $.99lb, Garlic 5 count for $.78 and onion for under $1 for the $3lb bag. These prices we would not get in our area or the store close by, so driving a little out of the way helped us save a ton of money and stocked up on a couple nights of dinner.


You can save on meat and other food items even without coupons. Search your ads, compare all the stores in your area, if you have to, drive a little bit further if you are buying in bulk to offset any extra gas. If you live in an area that you have a local butcher, head over and inquire about buying in bulk and saving per pound. You would be surprised at the price cut you could receive. Look out for managers special, this is when the store marks down meat that has a sell by date that’s approaching. You can save upwards of 50% buy getting this meat as opposed to the regular priced ones, which will freeze and be just as good.

Invest in a freezer and stock it up. When you spend that amount once per month, you will not have to worry about dinner for a while, leaving you stress free and your family well fed for less.


To store the meat, I separated the whole fryers in halves, washed and cleaned them. I labeled freezer bags with the “cut” and the date, today’s date. I do stews, curry, bake half chicken and such so I chopped in the same size I would when making dinner. So for the bags labeled curry, I chopped the chicken small, then the bags labeled “joint” I just took the meat from its joint (leg, thigh, wing etc) some a left in half for baking and labeled as such.

Chicken breast is quite expensive, on sale $1.99 at Vons and $1.69 at Albertsons so to save on buying it separately, hubby “the butcher” took the breast from the whole chicken for me and walla, I had chicken breast for $.77lb

I am very happy I stocked my freezer with at least a months worth of meat for under $50, half of what it cost us to eat out in one night. and far less than if I went to Walmart, like I normally do to buy meat. My only regret? We didn’t get more!

How do you save on everyday grocery items such as meat?


  1. Hi Vetta, I buy meat at Kroger which is cheaper than my Walmart because I always buy the manager specials. They are good cuts of meat that will be expiring, like you said, in a few days. What we won’t eat by the expiry date, I freeze (also like you suggested) and it’s just as good as the high priced meat. I invested in a small upright freezer about a year ago just for meat and right now it is almost full. My hubby loves to fish and he has been catching crappie like crazy this winter. One side of the freezer is nothing but crappie, so I have saved a lot with all the fish we have been eating too. Also, I buy other manager specials at Kroger. Kroger milk always has manager specials on several gallons and they are just $1.99 per gallon. My Kroger has a clearance aisle and I always find something good there. Last week I got 10 bags of 2 lb. pinto beans for $0.25 per bag.

  2. Vetta, I’m so glad to see this post. I do similar shopping to save on meat. Every time I go to the store I go to the “manager special” area that is meat that is going to go out of date if they don’t sell it in a day or two. I find good deals that way. I take advantage of weekly specials and buy enough for several meals and freeze dinner size portions in freezer bags. After a couple of week’s specials I have a good variety. I get coupons for smoked sausage, breakfast sausage and ham pretty often so I pair those up with sales. We had a new store open in our area and the grand opening sales were awesome! One splurge that we do is when the whole rib eye goes on sale we buy one and have it cut into steaks. We split it up and use it to grill, we have pepper steak, shis kabobs and stroganoff I use the left overs to make hash. We stretch our meat by having meals that aren’t just big slabs of meat with sides.

  3. We go to a local mom & pop grocery store, that has an amazing meat market! We buy a 40 lb. box of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for around $1.39 a pound. $55.60 I think for the box? We bring it home, and separate it out into bags of 2 to 3 breasts, and then freeze it for dinners. We eat ALOT of chicken in our house, so we usually go through most of the box in the month! It’s way better than buying it individually!

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