Helping Others This Season. Thanks To Couponing. Another Reason To Be Thankful!

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What do you do with your overflow of items in your stockpile? Bought 20 tubes of toothpaste and have them piled up? Looking to get 10 more on black Friday? Here is what I am doing with some of my stockpile. I am donating some items to a few different shelters here in Vegas. This is the first set of items I am giving away. This season, if you are in the position to help someone else, please look into doing so. Maybe a bar of soap, a shampoo, a tin of corn. Anything you can give I am sure will be greatly received and appreciated.

Adopt a family for the season take it over to a shelter, it may even be someone close to home, a family member or a friend. As the saying goes, its always better to give than to receive. And when you give you will get back 10 folds.


Happy couponing!!

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