FREE Target $10 GC With $75 Purchase 12/16-12/17

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Heading to Target between 5pm Friday and Noon on Saturday? They have a deal spend $75 get a $10 gift card. Hopefully this will be the same as the offers before where its when you hit the $75 mark it prompts the cashier to hand you the GC. If you have some shopping to do at Target this should be pretty easy to reach.

You can use items such as the disposable cameras, waters, nivea, glade and so much more.


  1. I was going to buy my hubby a camera for Christmas. This would be perfect. Do you think we will get 2 $10 if we spend $150? I plan on doing the curel deal and the glade deal with it to get it to $150. Plus I have a coupon for spend $150, get $15….I have never had so many GC from target at one time before…lol I am up to $50 in $5 and $10 GC….lol My hubby just laughs at how many GC I have from target and cvs. Love it… by this time next year, I should be able to buy all my Christmas gifts using GC…hehe 🙂 Thanks for posting all the great savings!

    • Hahah, I know, I am hoarding gift cards…lol The Target deals says one per transaction or something to that effect so they wont give you 2 at once. You would have to do 2 separate transactions to get 2. But your spend $150 get $15 would work our better then splitting to get the other $10.

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