FREE Plus $1 MM Cepacol Sensations @ Walgreens 9/30!! Print Coupon Now!!

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Woohoo! Here is a super awesome freebie plus MM to grab at Wags starting on Sunday, Wags will have Cepacol on sale for $1, with a $1 RR making it FREE. BUT we have a $1 printable here making it a $1 MM. Woot woot.

The coupon when looking at it on the website has a size restriction, but when printed, it doesn’t print with any restrictions and says off ANY. so grab this coupon before its gone or changed.



Cepacol Sensations $1, Get $1 RR

Use – $1/ANY 1 Cepacol product printable HERE

Pay – $0, Get back $1

Final price – FREE plus a $1 MM!!



How it shows online

How it actually prints


  1. Hello…I tried this deal, the coupon scanned with no problem. But the problem is when i used the coupon, it did not print a registry reward(i also used my walgreens balance reward card). I told the cashier that it suppose to print a $1 registry reward, so the manager tried scanning the product WITHOUT using the coupon and it DID print a $1 registry reward. So basically if you use a coupon on this deal you DONT get a registry reward sucks :(. still a good deal since you get the product for free though :).

    Did this happen to anyone?

    • Oh really? I haven’t been out yet today. Thats a strange one. did it do that for other items you have? I am very interested to see how this plays out. It shouldn’t matter if you use a coupon or not on a RR item. I hope this isn’t a new thing.

      • I only tried the Cepacol deal. I did 1 item per transaction. Maybe its their new policy? Maybe they are not giving away a registry reward for a free item like this deal? I’m not sure.

  2. Hello…It says on the ad “with card”. So does that mean we have to register for the Walgreens card? do you know if theres a limit on the registry rewards? Thank you :).

    • Hi! Yes, from now on to get the sale price you need the new Balance rewards card. The RR is one pr transaction as always, if you want 3, you have to buy them separately and so 3 transactions etc. HTH

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