FREE – $.25 Crest 3D White Rinse @ Walgreens. And Its Rolling!!

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Woohoo, here is a great deal I snagged at Wags when I ran out to grab my Glade. FREE or $.25 Crest 3d White rinse!! The rinse this week is on sale $6/2. BUT there is a monthly deal going on B1G1 that is overlapping with this sale. There is also a $4RR when you buy 2. So with all those deals and sales, it makes these only $.25 each!!! I used my $1 RR from the glade and a $.50 item to grab them completely FREE since the RR from he glade was also a MM.
The best part? Its ROLLING!! Yay. This means you can use the $4RR you get from buying the crest to buy another crest and it will still print. This only happens sometimes, I tried it and it worked. so go grab your Crest…



Here is the deal

Crest 3D white Rinse $6/2

Minus – B1G1 50% = $4.50/2

Pay $4.50, get back $4

Final price – $.50 for both or $.25 each!!


Here is what I did

Crest 3D white Rinse $6/2

1 $.50 school item

Minus – B1G1 50% = $5

Pay $5 using $4 RR and $1 from Glade, get back $4

Final price – FREE




  1. I tried to get the dental picks and crest toothpaste deal but the lady said they(wags) stopped carrying the dental picks. Anyone else have this problem?

    I also used the garden veg seeds as a filler for .10 each. This is the time of the year to get some seeds! I called first and talked to the manager so when i got there and the lady didnt want to give them to me for .10 he already knew what was going on. Some of the flowers rang up as 2.00!

    I also tried to get the 2 1.00 RRs with the air freshener but it didnt work even with a filler. But I still got 1.00 which was great.

  2. Also got a good deal on Kotex pads. They are on sale for 3.99 get second for half off so 1.99. Had a coupon for 1.50 off 2 in this week paper and walgreens has a coupon for 1.00 off one. So came to about 1.25 a pack not to bad.

  3. Thanks Vetta I scored 6 mouthwashes had to pay full price for the first 2 but it rolled just like you said didn’t have any problem.

  4. what is that bogo1/2 is that a coupon? i dont see it saying anything like that in my ad? do u know where can i get wisk detergent for cheap cause i still have the coupon, i went to 4cvs’ and there wasnt any left last week!

    • Its a monthly deal that will auto come off at the register and is posted at some stores. No, havent seen any wisk deals this week. 🙁

    • I don’t know what the size restriction is on your wisk coupons, but they have the smaller bottles 2/$3 at Family Dollar this week!

  5. Hi Vetta,
    How do we roll the crest with a crest. we get $4 for the white rinse , then get glade for 2.99 $3 Q gives 1 RR how do we roll that again on the crest? wouldn’t we have to use the crest again?? I’m confused Plz help..thanks! Terri

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