Foot Locker, The NBA’s Houston Rockets Toyota Center And More To Become Voter Registration Sites.

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In an effort to increase youth voter turnout this November, all Foot Locker-owned stores in the U.S will become temporary voter registration sites starting September 22.

Each of the company’s more than 2,000 stores will house a kiosk with a special website where visitors will can check their voter status, register to vote or sign up for election reminders. Foot Locker said the initiative is geared to the more than 4 million young Americans who become eligible to cast ballots this year.

Looking for other unorthodox options?

Other organizations that typically wouldn’t use their facilities as a polling place or voter registration site are also opening their doors. The NBA’s Houston Rockets will use their arena, the Toyota Center, for a registration drive this month. Arrowhead Stadium, home field for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, will become a polling place November 3, as will a small pizzeria in Madison, Wisconsin, and a comedy club in Atlanta.

Register to vote and vote. It is your civic duty

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