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Do you have kids? Are they out of school? We just got word that kids will be out of school through April 15th. It was March 30th before. Anything can change and it could be, never for the rest of they year, Like Kansas. Our district will start virtual school on the 30th, we have spring break this week so only about a week of homeschool learning before teachers start teaching virtually. Be sure to check your district, ours will be offering devices for those who do not have so everyone is able to hop online for virtual school.

All state test have been canceled. My 3rd grader’s teacher sent home workbooks to hold them over for two weeks with learning material. So that is great. For my 14 yr old he got some print outs also. But we decided to use resources we use regularly. Like Algebra nation, kahoot, Khan academy, xtramath,, coolmath and others. Here is a HUGE list of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings. Your child will not miss out on anything with all these to choose from.

Head over HERE to see the list

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