Hey there! So you want to coupon, thats why you are here right? To save your family money on things you buy daily, buy things you maybe couldn’t afford before. You are in the right place!

Couponing can be fun, time consuming, crazy and all in one. But I make it easy. I do all the leg work, all you do is read, clip your coupons and shop.

We typically match weekly store sales with coupons. Sales do cycle so its good to stock up on items you use when its on sale to carry you through the next sale.


Where to find coupons? Print from Coupons.com, Redplum, Smartsource, Couponnetwork. Check your local Sunday paper for inserts, email/mail your fave manufactures complimenting/requesting coupons if available. Keep an eye on Savingwithvetta.com for specific coupons posted.

Need free inserts from the paper? Ask your family and friends to give you theirs instead of throwing it out.

If you are in Vegas, some people dumpster dive. I know, sounds crazy BUT you can score TONS of FREE inserts. Visit apartment buldings, go through their recycle bin (normally clean only papers) and grab the coupons. Score!!

Go to your local library, hotel, school, etc and ask for the inserts they are throwing out for recycling.


You can print 2 coupons per computer. Once you’re done printing one and get the thank you page, hit the back button and it will reprint.

You can use one manufacture and one store coupon per item unless either restrict such use

Want to see what’s in the Sunday paper before buying a few? Check out the insert previews


Join each stores loyalty program. Head to your store and sign up for one of their cards. You will need this for sales, coupons and more


With more and more people couponing, stores may run out of items. Always get a raincheck. Most stores will give you this. Ask at customer for a raincheck. It will be for the price/deal of the item that week. You can get the item even after the sale is over for a specified time. Each store will be different.


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Coupon jargon

SS= Smart source insert in Sunday paper

RP=Red Plum insert in Sunday paper

Register Rewards (RR)=Like cash/gift cert you get back from Walgreens to use in store

BLINKIES = In Store Smart Source Coupons

BOGO/B1G1 = Buy One Get One

CATALINA = Coupon printed at Small machine by register after purchase. Can be used on next purchase.

DND = Do not Double (Some coupons have this lang)

DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that grocery store doubles in value

EB/ECB = ExtraCare Bucks (CVS)

GM = General Mills (Newspaper insert)

K = Kellogg’s (Newspaper Insert)

MIR = Mail in Rebate

OOP = Out of Pocket

P&G = Proctor & Gamble (Newspaper Insert)

Peelie = Coupon you peel off package

STACKING = Using stores allow multiple use of coupons – manufacturer’s & store coupons or rebates.

TEAR PAD = A pad of coupons or MIR near a product or on display

WYB= When You Buy

IP = Internet printable



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