CVS – Bounty Paper Towel Clearance!! $2.49/ 8pack!!!

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Hurry over to your CVS to score super cheap bounty paper towels on clearance. They were in my store for $2.49. We a $.25 coupon in this month’s P&G you can use also. Scan if you do not see these marked at your store. Once store had them marked $4.99 but they scanned for $2.46! Let us know if you scored any 🙂




  1. Vetta,

    You and Pinching Pennies with Priscilla are the BEST!!!!! OMG…I got off of work yesterday and saw both of your videos about these Bounty 8 packs. I went to every CVS in a 5 mile radius (btw work and home)…I couldn’t find any…until…the 5th store I went to had 3 packages of the Bounty Basics. Those were $2.19 (upstate NY)…Then I went to two more stores…nothing…Then I tried one more and BINGO…they had 12 Bounty 8 packs left…These were the good thick paper towels and they were marked down to 2.69…I brought 8 packs of the them (leaving 4 for other shoppers)…Between extra buck, and coupons, I spent less than $10 for 11 packages of paper towels!!! Thanks you!

    Again you are the best!!!!

  2. I found then for $2.24 here in sf bay area. Reg price is $8.99 & 75% off. And when they weren’t marked down or out of stock they still had them in the back so ask just to make sure if you don’t see them out.

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