Crazy Awesome Free Plus MM Deal On Nivea Lotion @ Target!!

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Here is a super deal to grab at Target this week. Nivea items are buy 3, get a $5 Target gift card. You can mix and match as you need with the lotions, the cream tins and even the lip balms. Here is what I did


Buy 1 Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion  $4.22

Buy 2 Nivea cream tins $.87 each

Total $5.96

Use – $2 off Nivea hand or body lotion, 1.7-13.5 oz, RP 4/29

And use – $1/1 Nivea lotion Target beauty bag mailer

Pay – $2.96, get back $5 GC

Final price – FREE plus a MM

You can roll the $5 GC after the first transaction.

If you dont have any coupons at all, its still a super awesome deal

Buy 1 Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion  $4.22

Buy 2 Nivea cream tins $.87 each

Pay – $5.96, get back $5 GC

Final price – $.96 for all 3


Buy 1 Nivea Creme Tin $0.87

Buy 2 Nivea Lip Balms $2.24 each

Pay – $5.35, Get back a $5 GC

Final price –  $0.35 for all 3 items!


***Not , you HAVE to buy 3 items totaling over $5 for the GC to prompt. This is Targets policy and how it is in the system. You Must get over $5 with only 3 items…***


  1. I did the deal with the 2 tins and 1 lotion on Sunday- it worked fine. I went to target today and the tins are ringing up at regular price and not prompting for the gift card. Oh well… I’m thinking corporate put a quick stop to this after seeing it on blog sites!

    • Same thing happened to me today. I ended up talking with the manager and they went ahead and gave me the $5 gift card because the shelves still had the signs up. He did tell me that corporate messed up and may have initially included the 1oz tins but that they really weren’t supposed to be part of the deal.

  2. I went to the Target in No. Va. and when they rang the lotion and 2 tins the register did not prompt for the gc. So when I asked the manager she said that the tins weren’t included in the promotion. So I bought 3 of the lotions and the register prompted for the gift card so I ended up spending $6.66 for the lotion but I got back a $5 gc. Still not bad for that lotion which costs $7.50 at Walgreens. I am going to go to a different Target on the way home to try it again hopefully it will work at that one

    • I’m in No. Va too and I went to a Target and I did the same thing but it did not prompt the gc and the manager also said that it’s not for the tins but I am going to take them back and get the full sizes too also my sobe water did not prompt my gc either, she gave me 2 $3 apology certificates and they charged me $3.49 for the hillshire chicken breast instead of $2.99 so I’m taking those back too. This trip was not a good one! 🙁

  3. I asked one of the associates who works there if I can buy 3 tin nivea creams and still get a free $5 target gift card, and he said yes. So thats what I did. The cashier and supervisor said yes also. So I ended up paying under $3 out of pocket and I got $39 FREE target gift cards and had 15 transactions. so its not my fault :).

  4. I have a question about the deal can you use the nivea coupon from the 4/29 RP for the tins and the lotion.

  5. This morning I went to my local Target here in Lewisville, Tx and the little tins were marked .97 and they were not marked for the $5 gift card deal. The cashier at the register told me that my transaction with the 2 tins and a bottle of lotion will not qualify for the deal so i ended up not buying it :(((

    • Did they scan the items or just tell you? If they scan it the computer will automatically prompt them to give you the GC. You always try it yourself instead of listening to the cashiers. If it doesn’t prompt the GC, you just cancel before even paying. No hassle..

      • Oh Really? I left it cuz i just believed the cashier 🙁 She told me that somebody already tried it earlier and it did not generate the gc.
        I’ll go back later today and see if i can do it again. Thnx for replying!!!

        • Yes, just try it, if they scan the 2 tins and 1 lotion and it doesn’t prompt the GC then just say you know what I dont want these anymore. But I dont see why it wouldn’t as it has been working and those are part of the deal, which is legit not a glitch or anything. HTH and GL 🙂

          • I ran to Target also and tried the lotion with 2 tins,didnt come up for a gift card,cashier called mgr over who I walked over to the product with- he said nope the tins were not included in the $ 5 promo….

          • They took the 2 tins off the deal since abut Wed. 🙁 Sorry I didnt update. But the sale ended yesterday anyway. sorry you didnt get to grab any

  6. i rushed out when i saw this post…i just got back from target actually and so thankful for your post…you’re the best Vetta…i love those nivea tins…i did 2 tins and the lip shine…total came out to $5.30 (minus the $5 gift card)…target surprisd me because they had many boxes of the cream tins…im going back tomorrow and do the other lotions cus i just found my coupons right now…thanks again =)

  7. how long does this deal go on for? Because I might have to make a call to order some more! I have tons of coupons! And my mother really loves the Nivea Lotion!

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