Carnival Magic Port Day – St Kitts

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Port Day 2. Today was amazing! St. Kitts is absolutely incredible. Top of my list so far and I have been to a few islands. We got in to port around 7am. We were just rolling over in bed getting ready for another 30mins at that time. We got up around 7.30, got dressed and went to the lido for breakfast. We were docked next to the Carnival Fascination again. We overlooked the ship while having breakfast. I had a made to order omelette while the boys grabbed goodies from the buffet. We started to make our way to deck zero sometime after 9.

I had read a ton of cruise critic and trip advisor reviews saying to look for Beulah. Her tours are $15 for the island tour plus an additional $5 for beach stop. She drops us off then picks us up back in a specified time. We do not pay until after we are dropped back at port so it made it less worrisome. She was amazing. She is funny, knowledgable and all around a great person for a tour. Highly recomended.

We loaded the bus with other cruisers to start our day. We made a few stops as we made our way around the island. One of our favorites was stopping to see where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea at Thirty Hills. So amazingly breathtaking. How cool sis that? We made another one of my fave stops at the rainforest. So much history in one place. Beulah made the tour everything. Many stops, lots of info and so fun. The kids were involved and not falling asleep on the ride like yesterday.



We opted to pay extra to stop at the beach, because well, we could not be on the island with the most breathtaking beaches and just walk away. We stopped at a beach club where as with all beaches in the tourist area, beach chairs and umbrellas come at a small price. We opted to just lay our things on the sand and play in the water right infant for them since we had about and hr and half at the beach. The boys had a blast playing around in the water.


We were picked up on time and made our way back to the ship. We wandered around port and headed to the ship to shower and grab some grub.


Kal-El went to camp to hang with his peeps while Jo-El and I came back to the room to chill and wind down. Kal-El came back to the room to rest also, so I used that time to sneak out for some more gambling. IDK why I have been hooked. Thank God I moved from Vegas. No self control over here.


We reserved our table in the dining room and went down to dinner a little later. Dinner was just not on my side tonight. I liked nothing I ordered, even the re order. A total miss. The boys did enjoy their dinners though. I know I should have followed one of them. I was not mad as I knew the lido is open I could go grab something there. But I wasn’t that hungry.

After dinner Kal-El went back to camp while Jor-El and I once again went to the candy shop. That kid cannot stay out of that place. I had to hide the bag so he wouldn’t get a tummy ache eating it all at once. We walked around the upper decks a little checking out what all was happening on the sip then headed back down to the room to relax. San Juan is another early morning but an even shorter stay so we want to get up and out as soon as possible.

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