Carnival Magic Port Day – San Juan!

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Port Day 3. San Juan. This was the shortest stop we have. I wish we had more time to visit more places. We docked at 7am and on board time was 1.30. We got up around 7.30, go dressed and grabbed breakfast. We were down and off around 9am. We walked the streets to the famous Umbrella St for the awesome colors. The street was closed when we got there, which sucked for photos but it was fine. After checking it out we walked around the area then grabbed the free trolly to go up to El Morro. It was only $7 to get in for me and kids 16 and under were free. Score.




We walked around and checked it out. It was pretty cool leaning and walking the grounds. We caught the trolly back down and stopped to get some local snacks and treats. As was recomended the kids had yummy coconut ice cream from a street vendor. I had beef empanada which was so yummy. The kids had tangerine snow cones. I was hot so they stuck to cold treats instead of solid food.



After walking around we headed back to the ship since it was already 1. Crazy how the day went by so fast. Wish we could have seen and done more. Once back on board Jor-El and I took a power nap while Kal-El went to camp to hang with friends. After nap time we went up and grabbed some food. We were’t very hungry but nibbled on some goodies since it was there.



After lunch we went up to deck 12 to check out the sky course to finally walk the course. Jor-El was excited and scared but after the first go around he became a pro. I am so happy he is such an adventure kid. He will do more than I will even agree to attempt.The boys played games of table tennis, bean bag toss, pool and more. Deck 12 is so much fun for the sport fanatic. So much to do and you will never get bored.



After playing for a while we decided to head out to the Lido for movie time. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was the movie playing. We grabbed some popcorn, towels for the chairs and blankets to keep warm on the chilly night. It was fun and relaxing. After the movie we went to the dining room for a late dinner. It was our second formal night and Filet Mignon was on the menu so I was excited to eat that and the orange souffle. Everything was delish.



Tired and sleepy Jor-El and I headed back to the room so we could wine down and get ready to end the night. Kal-El went back to camp to hang with friends some more for a little before heading back. Tomorrow is Grand Turk. We have been before so it should be a relaxing day.


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