Carnival Magic Port Day – Grand Turk!

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Port Day 4. Grand Turk was amazing. Our second time at this port and it was just as beautiful as I remembered. We used this day as a full beach day. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ocean. The ship docked at 9am with a 4.30back on board time. We took our time and got off closer to 10. This port is awesome for beach day as the ship docks steps away for beautiful sandy beaches. You can step off the ship and grab chairs a few steps away, walk further to quite, even more beautiful water, go to the other side and there is more beach. You have choices.



I opted to walk a little further to Jack’s Shack. It is a walk, it’s not actually far but walking on sand is different than walking on streets and such. It made for a hike but is worth it. The beach is so much more beautiful just by going down a little. The food and drinks are amazing. A little pricy but good. Beach chairs are free, umbrella are $10. We stuck with the free chairs. Note chairs and umbrellas are free closer to the ship. with lots of options further out costing around the same as Jack’s.


The boys brought their swim toys and immediately jumped in the water to have a blast. we saw fish and sting rays in the water swimming beside us. Well, beside others as we kept moving away from the rays as the kids were not having lol. I went up to order some food and drinks and started chatting it up with the bartender. He is an islander, working with a few Jamaicans including the chef so our dialect were similar and we started chatting it up. I promise you he made my drinks with 90% rum and a splash of everything else.

Went back to the food area to get my order and chatted with the Jamaican chef. He totally hooked up my plate. So much jerk chicken and rice and peas the boys and I ate from one plate and were bursting at the belly. We spent pretty much the entire day just swimming, playing, napping and laying around. Started the walk back tot he ship and stopped into Margaritaville. Always a party happening here. Music, drinks, good vibes. You can’t go wrong.

Once back on the ship we showered and went to grab a bite from Guy’s burger. The kids wanted to play so we went to the sport deck for more sky course climbing, bean bag toss, golf and more. After playing I came back tot he room to relax. I was beat. The kids are like energizer bunnies. Going going going….So they went to the arcade with some friends to play for a while.

Once they got that out of their systems we went to dinner. Dinner was pretty good tonight. After dinner we stopped for the hopping party going on in the lounge at deck 3. People really know how to let loose and have a blast on vacate. It was awesome. See video lol.

Kal-El wanted to go catch up with his friends at camp so Jor-El and I went back to the room to relax. He wanted to go the 80’s glow party but I could tell he was gonna be out in a flash. He begged me to wake him up for the party at 10.30 and since it’s vacate and tomorrow a sea day, why not. It’s summer. I woke him up at 10.30 for the party. He of course was out of it and opted to go back to sleep after I confirmed a bunch of times. I should have recorded it because I will be blamed for making him miss an epic party when he wakes up hahaha. I ran up on deck to see what was going on and it was awesome. Went to bed for our last day on the ship. Cannot believe 8 days have almost come and gone.

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