Carnival Magic Port Day 1 – St Maarten/Martin

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Port Day 1. St Maarten/Martin. This little island was an absolute beauty. Pristine beaches, lovely people, great vibes. We got up around 8am and got ready to grab breakfast on the Lido. We were scheduled to dock at 9am with departures starting around 9.15. We got in earlier and was off the ship around 9am. We were docked beside the Carnival fascination. I did not book any tours as I read it was easy to catch a cab and do an island tour. Exactly what I needed. So we went to the taxi area and got a cab with another group making the price only $25 per person since there were 7 of us total going around the island.

The tour took around 4 hours going around the entire island, visiting both the Dutch and French sides. We stopped at various locations. Our driver was great and knowledgeable giving us info on our surrounding. The other group were islanders living abroad like myself so we got along great. We first stopped at the lookout point on the Dutch side. So beautiful overlooking the city below. Next we stopped at Maho beach. We did not swim here as our tour was just beginning. This beach is great for seeing the planes coming in. We did not get there during the busy time so we missed them. Absolute stunning water. Unreal.

We did a few other small local sops to check out the island. Then stopped at the French capital for eats ad shopping. You can still see damages from the hurricanes but they are rebuilding and making their home awesome again.

We swung by Orient beach for more food and shopping. Taking in the beauty ocean and perfect weather. We ended our tour in the downtown area of the Dutch side while the rest of the group went back to the port. This is where we would swim and spend another 4 hours or so. The kids were dying to dip their feet.

There is no shortage of beach chairs and umbrella being peddled. You do not have to use them, but if you do, you have to pay. I took a deal. 2 chairs, 1 umbrella and 5 drinks for $20. Not bad. The kids both got Sprite while I enjoyed 3 rum punch. Not all at once, I am good but not THAT good haha. I had to drag the kids away from the water to go back to the ship. i did NOT want to be a pier runner. no ma’am. I needed to be back on by 4.30 at 5.30 was last on. The downtown beach area was only a 15 min walk they said. Took us around 10 ins walking leisurely, which was great.

We stopped for gelato on our way back. Made it back to the ship with time to spare. Headed straight to the room to shower and change and grab a bite to eat. Went to eat at Guy’s Burger join. I have had a burger and fries there everyday. It’s so good. Jor-El was pretty tired so we came back to the room to chill and relax for a while. Kal-El went to camp to hang with his friends. I took the time to get some work done while Jo-El power napped after watching some tv.

We really wanted to se the Hasbro Game night live show so we got up and all went down. Jor-El really wanted to get chosen to play. Ok, he was pretending he wanted to but he is way too shy and would never lol. It was a hoot and the kids enjoyed it. We love game nights at home so to see it on stage, huge and with or shipmates made it even better. Kal-El said he was still full from our pre dinner snack so he went back to camp. Jor-El and I went to grab dinner. I had the seared tuna for appetizer while Jor-El had a fruit plate. The braised leg of lamb I had was really good. Throughly enjoyed it. Jor-El has a tooth coming out, which is not yet quite ready to fall out and we won’t wiggle it so it has been bugging him. He barely ate his dinner. But he wasn’t starving.

I know he was still pretty tired so we came back to the room to call it a night. Kal-El was still out doing his things. Jor-El and I snuggled up and watched tv before he fell right asleep leaving m to watch his show on Nick at sea.. Nothing new. We are excited to see St. Kitts tomorrow. Until then we will turn in early to recharge foe another day of island touring and beaching it up.

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