Carnival Magic – Last Day At Sea!

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I can’t believe our 8 day cruise is on it’s last sea day. It seems like we just boarded yesterday. What a great week it has been. Today being the last sea day we opted to do the Dr. Seuss character breakfast. OMG how super cute was that. I choose the 9.45 time as 8.15 would not work for us. We wanted to sleep in. We got up around 9 and got ready to head up to the dining room. It was super adorable. All decked out. Joe-El’s eyes lit up. He LOVE the books, has a ton and reads them regularly.

This is an extra cost, It is $5 per person, which is super low but of course you can opt to have breakfast that is already included in the thousands you already paid for the cruise. I also tipped extra to the awesome dining staff. We got our ticket and went in to be seated. Not long after we were being served moose juice and more. The characters started to come out. We got to take pictures with each character and got a stamp for each also. While the breakfast was fun and cute, the food was regular in taste, nothing crazy. But looked awesome. Green eggs and ham, pancakes, waffles, steak and eggs and more. I will post pics of the menu

After breakfast we headed up to the arcade for power hour where all games are half off. We missed the first one so the boys were excited. The games are pricy so half off helps a ton. They racked up a bill in that hr but they were having a blast so it was ok with me. After playing for a while, Kal-El went to camp for the last day with his friends. Jor-El wanted to do one last sting also. I went and grabbed a bite on the lido. The lunch was really good today and I am glad I went instead of just eating a burger from Guy’s.

After lunch I went and grabbed Jor-El from camp because they had Chocolate Extravaganza for only a short time left and I know he would not want to miss it. He was so happy I got him and dug in.

We met back up with Kal-El and went to play some games. We did Hasbro Cranium and our group won. It was so much fun and you get to chat with others and make acquaintances. We then stayed for the next game, One hit wonders. We did so bad, sadly. The songs are not ones I listen to so I had no idea who and what half of them were. But I did get a few.

We went to the main area to blow up balloons for the ballon from later in the night. Put our names and room number for a chance to win. What? No idea. But we played. We then headed to to watch The Lego Movie 2. Grabbed pop corn, hot coco, burger and snacks to eat while we watched. It was cute and a fun time with the kids.

After the movie we walked around a little so we could watch the balloon drop farewell party before heading to the dining room for our last meal there. Kal-El tried alligator fritters. That child is brave because it could not be me He loved it. Said it taste like chicken lol, why is chicken the go to for all the strange things people eat. I must say the entire dining room was, the entire crew period were awesome. I did NOT meet any that were not over friendly, helpful and at the very least seem like they were glad to be here and help if needed. I know they work so hard, have little rest time and are much under appreciated so I have to give a huge shoutout to them all.

After dinner we came back to the room to finish packing. I made sure we started packing a day ago. Putting away things we would not be using and just leaving what we would need for the last 2 days. To make it easy and not spend too much time packing. We literally had maybe 6 things to pack after doing it all a little at a time. Kal-El went back to camp to say goodbye and spend the last few hours with friends. Jor-El was tired so we came back to the room and got him ready for bed. After Kal-El was done with his fun time and came back to the room, I went to get my last twirl in the casino. I know, I spent way too much money in there that I shouldn’t but thank God I won’t see any machine anything soon hahaha. Totally beat, I retired for an early morning of debarkation.

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