Carnival Magic Cruise – Sea Day 2!

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Sea Day 2. Two and a half days on the open ocean. The ship has rocking and rolling a lot since last night. The waters have been choppy making for not the best sailing but we are almost to our first stop. St Marteen at 9am. Today, we got up around 7.30. I got an hour of work in again and got dressed for breakfast in the main dining room. Soaking up the sea day brunch while we can.

I nibbled on steak and eggs again and also a Huevos Rancheros. It was so yummy. Jor-El had the steak and eggs also and Kal-El had the frosted flakes french toast again. We all dug in. After breakfast we hurried over to catch Dr. Sues story time and parade. So much fun. Jor-El had a blast with story time and then participating in the parade with The Cat In The Hat and friends.

We went up to deck 12, sports and spa. The kids played some basketball and gold while I sat and soaked in some sun. We all then played some table games. It was very windy so the rope course was closed. I want to do it before we are done. Walking on ropes above the 12th floor on the ship. Why not?

Kal-El met up with some of his friends and went off to do their thing. Jor-El and I grabbed lunch. We ate at the Lido buffet. I had a ruben and fries with truffle aioli. Jor-El had a hot dog. Then we picked around a few things and had cakes of the day of course. Today’s choices were pretty good.

We met up with Kal-El for check in then they both went to their respective camps for fun with their new found friends. I, once again went back to the casino. Yes, I lost some money because I never know when to fold em hahahaha. I came back to the room for my daily old lady nap. It was beautiful.

We all met up at the Build a Bear workshop at sea. Until Jor-El decided he did not want to build a bear anymore. Kal-El jumped at the chance to ditch us again so we wondered around watching the various deck entertainments including hairy chest contest and more. Drank a little, danced a little then went back up to deck 12. But it was way too windy to do anything so we came back down to get ready for dinner. But not before Jor-El’s eye caught the candy shop and wanted to go in.

We were laying around some so went to dinner later then we wanted. We have anytime dining which is perfect for us. We get to request a table anytime we want and it is usually ready in a few. No set time. Service has been really slow. But I like the sit down portion instead of buffet at the Lido. I had the prime rib and mojo chicken plates. Yes, I got 2 entree because, I can. And just incase I hate one I wont have to wait another 20 mins for a new dish. Both were good ad the kids helped to eat them anyway. Kal-El had the fried chicken and Jor-El had salmon cakses with a side of whipped potatoes.

Dessert is usually my fave, of course. I got the bitter n Blanc and the Carnival melting cake, which I get every night. Jor-El got a s’mores moose and ice cream and Kal-El got a fruit plate and ice cream. I was really blown away by the bitter n blanc. I forgot how good it was. I enjoyed it for sure.

Jor-El was beat, totally beat so we came back to the room and he got ready for bed. Kal-El went out for a little to camp. Kal-El decided he wanted to watch the movie of the day in the room so I went out to gamble a little bit more and caught part of the punchline comedy show. After about an hour I was tired and needed to get extra sleep for tomorrow. First shore day. We need to be up, have breakfast and off the ship by 9.30 to get to do tours and such. So extra sleep was needed.

Wrapped up day 2 with a little in bed tv watching then it was Zzzzz nation for us three.

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