Carnival Magic Cruise – Sea Day 1

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Sea Day one. Today was our first full sea day. I love sea days for the fact that you do not have to rush, do anything or stress about anything. I still got up around 7am and got some work done for about an hour. Yes, I work on Vacay because I am already planning another vacate and it won;t pay for itself hahaha. I do not get paid time off as a self employed individual. Plus I am addicted and two hours out of my day early when I would use it to sleep more won’t hurt my vacay.



We got up and got dressed for breakfast around 8.30. Since it was a sea day we went to the main dining room for brunch. So yummy. I liked being served and the different options that the Lido. Breakfast was good. I had steak and potatoes with a sunny side up egg. Kal-El had frosted flakes french toast and Jor-El had pancakes and egg.




I completely left Dramamine for Kal-El and sea sickness was creeping on him. So we went down to the shops and grabbed a recomended oil to dab behind his ears. It worked wonders. He said he did not feel sick the entire day. Both Jor-El and I used some also, just in case. The bottle was $15.99 and smaller than my pinky which made me mad lol. But I had a $300 on board credit from our TA so it came out of the not my actual pocket. So I felt better.



After breakfast the kids wanted to go to their separate camps (Kal-El Circl C for 12-14_ Jon-El Stingrays for 6-8) Since Kal-El is 13 and can check out as he pleases we set up check in times. He would come back to the cabin after a certain time. If I was not here he would leave a note with the time he checked in and where he was off to next. It worked great. He loves his freedom and I am seeing how responsible he is.




Kal-El pretty much stuck with his friends most of the day. I grabbed Jor-El and we did lunch and went swimming. It was the lip sync battle time so I had a blast watching the show while Jor-El had a blast in the pool. He went back to camp for a short time while I went back to the room to get some sleep. I was tired. I am old. I need to recharge haha. Did a second sting in the pool with Jor-El for a while. He loves it there. I am glad he is no longer afraid of the water.




We camp back to home base to get ready for dinner. It was one of 2 elegant nights. Wr did not go all out but we dressed in dress code. Some people went the extra mile and more. They all looked great. Some skipped t all together and just had dinner on the Lido in their swimwear.

After dinner, the boys wanted to do camp again. Joe-El’s camp is $8/hr after 10pm (free the rest of the day) but tonight is a party so it was $18 until 1am. Kal-El’s camp has movie night. He and his friends will hang out, eat and chillax until turndown time.

I came back to the room to relax. I contemplated going to catch a show or heading to the singles mixer at the club. As I am writing this, I am contemplating hahaha. What did I end up doing. Do my usual and stay in or…Tell you after tonight, when I do one of those things

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