AWESOME!! Watch Jinigt Smore Ad Every 2 Hours Instead Of Once Per Day!! More Earning Potential!!

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Reader Cristy posted a comment on the blog about the Smores Jingit offer saying that it resets every 2 hrs instead of everyday. I waited and tried it again 2 hrs after I did it and she posted and it worked. I was able to watch the ad again and it paid me. Woohoo. This means we can earn even more with jingit. I wish I knew this sooner, I am thinking of all the change I missed. Hehe. Be sure to head over every 2 hrs or so (whenever you like) to grab more money.

Go HERE to watch Smores ad

You can see the other ads and info HERE

**New** Halloween Campaign with Mars Chocolate

**New** Snickers Halloween Ad

Go HERE to watch Jello Ad. 2 ads in this video (earning $.50 total)

Watch Smores ad HERE – Confirmed 10/15 reset so I did it more than once in one day. Resets every 2 hrs.

Watch Elmers Glue ad HERE **Now Elmers Glue All** <<<<<<<<click

Billy on the streets HERE CAN ONLY WATCH ONCE! PAYS $1!! **NOTE** a lot have been saying it pays them more than once, or every day so try your luck. It hasn’t reset for me. <<<<<<<<click


***With these ads you can make $2 per day, if you are able to do the Billy on the streets thats $3***


I know we have all been loving Jingit from your comments and email. This will definitely help a lot 🙂



Thanks Cristy!


  1. this app was great for me the first week and now it just won’t work. when i click earn i get sorry there aren’t no ads available for you at this time. and the other way to earn is to scan which i can’t do right now since i can’t alway run to walmart and when i do i forget to scan (hate when that happens) i have not made a single penny in 2 months, am i doing something wrong?

    • Hey, yes when you go to your account it will say no ads, I haven’t seen an ad there in a while. This is why I make this blog post every so often. The ones posted on the blog, all you do is visit daily and you can watch everyday. The smore one I just did an update a reader told me that we can watch that one every 2 hrs and get paid. I tried it and it worked. Click the links daily to earn. HTH

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