As Low As FREE Plus Money Maker Venus Embrace @ CVS!!

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Keep an eye out for these on clearance at your CVS. My sissy found these for $2.29 at her store and it is producing the $4 ECB. They were still $5.99 (25%)at my store so I am waiting for them to go down to at least 50%, though 75% would be nice.

Clearance price at your store will vary. They were not marked so scan scan scan.

If you can find them for $2.29

Use – $2 off Gillette Venus, Daisy or Daisy3 disposable, excl trial size, RP 1/06

Pay – $.29, get back $4 ECB

Final price – FREE plus MM




  1. Thanks!
    LOL I hear ya, I can not pass up a free deal. I made a killing with the recent soda deal you shared and I don’t even drink diet Pepsi but I know a few people who do. The lady across the street got quite a bit from my run. I haven’t ventured into food too much but I want to. 🙂
    Now I need to do multiplication to solve the security question at 5:30 am LOL
    ~Peace and Light

  2. Hiya Vetta! I can see you have been extremely busy between Facebook and your site posting tonight. There is one thing I appreciate so much about your blog and that is you tell people prices vary. I honestly cant stand when people post a deal and I run to the store to either find they don’t sell the product or the item is not priced according to what was shared. This is something I have grown to be very cautious of anymore. So far this is my favorite blog out of all of them.

    I have learned so much since I began and my stock pile shows it. It’s amazing what a person can collect in a month lol. I wonder what my basement will look like by the end of summer. Hopefully constantly full because my goal is not only to help my family but to help others in need.

    You rock Vetta!

    ~Peace and Light

    • Hey Kimberly! Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it 🙂 Yes I have been a busy little bee. Hehe. And I def understand what you mean about prices. I was expecting mine to be $2 and change too but they were not clearanced that much yet.
      Way to go on shopping and building your stockpile. Belive me, it will get bigger and bigger then you will stop, look at it and swear to never buy/get an item free again. Then a MM comes along tomorrow. lol 🙂

  3. I got the razor heads 75% off for this razor and they were marked down to $4.44 for the 4 count. I bought the razor heads and combined it with the $10.00 off gillet razor and razor heads. I got the razor and razor heads for $6.00 after coupon.

    They also had the Lysol kitchen automatic handsoap dispensers 70% off marked down to $1.50. I had the $2.00 cooupon and got it for free.

    • Awesome score on the razor! I saw the Lysol but it was the dispenser only and not the refill. The coupon is for kit which would be refill and dispenser so I didn’t get them. 🙁 Will keep looking. Good for you! Thanks 🙂

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