Dollar Tree Scent Be Gone Spray – Does It Work?

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So here I am, packing and getting ready for yet another travel adventure with the kids. And I remember, we are all using ONE bathroom. Yes, I am a bathroom crazy person. NO ONE uses my bathroom at home. NO ONE! The kids use theirs, mine is my serenity room. Even though I still need to reno it down the road. Anyhoo. When we travel of course we have just one.

We all go, no we do not want to talk about it. And my kids, lord knows I love them but I need an oxygen mask suite when we travel. I know of all the poo sprays. Never tried them, posted deals, saw reviews, I thought meh, yeah right. Well I was in the Dollar Tree, where I get lots of goodies for crafting and such and saw these. I figured for a dollar why not. I wasn’t about to buy a bottle for $9.99 or more.

I had to test it to see if it would be great to take with us. So I didn’t need to leave the room when they go haha. The bottle says 3-5 sprays over the water in the toilet bowl. I am an over user, so it got 10 sprays. If the detergent says 1 cap, I use 3, 2 spritz, I use 4. That is just me. So 10 sprays and went ahead with my business. It WORKED! I was so surprised, the next day I tried it again, and tried it a few times before telling y’all to go grab em. Now like I said, I did 10 sprays each time. Yes, I may be using more than I would if I bought the expensive ones but if this last half the time the other do, then 2 bottles at $2 is still a steal in my eyes.

Check your DT for these. I am excited. I already trained the kids how to use it so we will see how this all works on vacay in a few days.

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