$1 All Laundry Detergent @ Dollar General!!

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Hot Hot savings on All laundry detergent at Dollar General. They have All for $3.50 and we have a manufacture and a store coupon bring it down to only $1 a bottle. Thats pretty awesome!

All Laundry Detergent $3.50
Use $1/1 from the 1/1 RP or HERE
And use – $1.50 Dollar General printable HERE make sure to share
Final Price: $1!


  1. Update. I haven’t heard back from the letter I wrote corporate yet. But I went to a different DG (last night actually), and the deal worked stacking with mfc. I had to do separate transactions for each bottle of ALL because their systems are not set up to take more then one DG store coupon in a transaction. I had 6 DG ALL coupons and I had the $5 off $25 purchase. They all had to be done separately. I cleaned up their last night!! I’ll probably not shop the first DG again. I doubt they get many couponers there. Oh and the manager at the store I did go to told me that the man who told me he was the manager at the first location lied. All of the managers at that particular location are females!

    • Have you tried calling them too? Glad you found another one that is much better than the last. And why would he have lied? I would go back and ask for the manager and see who comes out and if its a different person tell them what happened. They may not even know?

  2. I wrote a letter just now to their corporate office. I’ll let you know what kind of response I get. Dollar General,100 Mission Rdg,Goodlettsville, TN 37072

    Here is what I wrote: I visited the above retail location on 01/06/2012 at approximately 5PM. I was interested in purchasing the All liquid detergent that you had on sale for $3.50. I planned to use a Dollar General Store coupon for a $1.50 off that I acquired from a Unilever promotion. The DG Store coupon would not scan, so the clerk called the store manager. The coupon would not scan for the manager either. He then accused me of trying to pass off a fake coupon and went into detail about how all internet printed coupons that have DG printed on the top are fakes. There were several people in line behind me as he went on about how my coupon was fake. All of the other customers in line were staring at me as if I was a criminal. This is a mid-sized community where many of us know each other. I was shocked, angered, and embarrassed by your store manager. He even made a point to tell me that he would be calling the other DG stores in the area to let them know that I might go in there to try and use my “fake” coupon. I am thoroughly appalled. His lack of regard for common courtesy is astonishing.

    • I am so sorry you had to go thru this. I cannot believe how these people are. Thats just crazy how they acted. Def also call on Monday when they are open and follow up. Let them know you want the items at that price even if the sale is over since its their fault and the manager isn’t trained in coupons or customer service. Please let m know what happens. 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear individuals are having a hard time with this promotion. Thankfully my Dollar General experience was pleasant, I was able to score 6 store coupons and stack them with 6 MFC, each bottle I bought was 1.06! Only problem I had was the coupon wasn’t accepting more than one of the store coupons per transaction. I also printed the AirWick coupon for $1.50 off, picked up (4) .99 cent air mist fresheners in the cans for FREE! Thank you Vetta (… and Dollar General!)

  4. i just did this deal didnt have problems just had to show them it was in the coupon policy and they said they will try it the cashier didnt know how to so the manager came updid the traqnsaction and overall wasnt that bad the cashier was nice aqnd everyone else was too

  5. Sadly, my local Dollar General would not accept the store and MQ on the item. So, I had to cancel my transaction and walk away. It was the first time I have tried couponing there and I don’t think they get many couponers.

    • Hey, PLEASE do not accept that. This is from their coupon policy “Maximum of two coupons per item. One coupon must be a Manufacturer’s Coupon and the second coupon must be a Dollar General Coupon as long as neither coupon states that it is not valid with other coupons” You can find and print it here, take it to the manager and show him where it says that accept both. Or call corp and let them fix it. Please go back for your items..

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