$1.50 on any (2) Mars® Seasonal Items. FREE Plus MM!!

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Hurry hurry over and grab this AWESOME coupon $1.50 off 2 Mars® Save $1.50 on any (2) Mars® Seasonal Items. This coupons has no size restriction. Walgreens have the mars snicker hearts on sale this week for $.39 each. Price match these to Walmart if you can find them and grab them FREE plus overage….

You can also hold on to them until after Valentines day to score cheap, FREE or even MM candy on clearance after the holiday.

$1.50 off 2 Mars® Save $1.50 on any (2) Mars® Seasonal Items I used zip 33122

Or some other great deals

Target Deal
M&Ms Candy Filled Hearts 1.7 oz 5/$5 (Price Cut thru 2/11)
Use – $1.50 off 2 Mars® Save $1.50 on any (2) Mars® Seasonal Items
Final price –  $.25 each wyb 2

Walgreens Deal
Sweethearts 1 oz, Wonka Sweetarts 1.5 oz, Mars or Nestle 1 or 1.2 oz $0.39 with in ad coupon
Buy 4 Mars Valentine candies 1 or 1.2 oz $0.39 each with in ad coupon, total = $1.56
Use – 2 $1.50 off 2 Mars® Save $1.50 on any (2) Mars® Seasonal Items
Final price – $.06 for all 4 candies!


  1. Hi Vetta-

    I am a newbie and I just dove into all of this this past Sunday. Because of all of your efforts, I just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my experience with this coupon so that you know that all of your hard work is appreciated.

    I checked with 3 Walgreens today looking for the snickers and at the last one I found 9 left. Well I said at least I can do the transaction 2 times but they only let me do it once telling me that the coupons had to have different numbers on them. So I bought my 4, paid 6 cents like you said and moved on. On the way home I was reminded of another location and they were all out, but the did have the seasonal M&M’s with is a regular candy bar size package 1.74oz. They have valentine decorations on them so they fit the criteria. I price checked them and they were ringing up 2 for $2 so I only paid .25 each and I was using some found ECB’s ($3 worth) so I got 8 packs of M&M’s for $2 and the Extra gum that is currently on sale for 3 for $2 is now 3 for $1 because of some unadvertised special that was going on were if you buy three a coupon prints out during the transaction for $1 off 3 gums. So in any case that was pretty good.

    But them when I got home, I decided to look for some more M&M’s because they were larger and I like them better than the snickers so I live in walking distance from a CVS so I went there to find the M&M’s and of course I find the Snicker Creme Hearts instead. I price checked them and they were .87 each or .75 if you buy two or more… BINGO! 🙂 It was a full box that had apparently just been put on the shelf so I picked up a total of 8 and I did four separate transactions and they all came of $0. That was wonderful and is literally right down the street. So when I picked my daughter up from school I stopped by again, sent her in with four coupons and she came out with eight no problem, in fact the cashier said she could do them all on one transaction after the first one and she also asked my daughter playfully, “Was your mom in here earlier?”

    I just wanted to say “Thank You” the best way I know how in this situation and that is to share my experience with applying all of your tips and information… you’re the best.

    BTW, I was able to score 9 of thise Salad kits… loving this! 🙂

  2. Here is my final update for the night:

    I just came home from going to 2 more CVS stores (24-Hour ones). At the 1st store there was a full box of the snicker hearts at 2/$1.50 but in the box right next to it was a box of snicker eggs — I thought what do eggs have to do with valentines day. Well I got the eggs because I thought I might like them better than the hearts and I did, plus they are slightly larger. There was only nine left so I got 8 and left 1.

    At the 2nd stop, there was no hearts and I couldn’t find the eggs but I noticed that they had just put out all of their Easter stuff which explained the eggs. As I was leaving, I looked back and on the end cap of the valentine area was several Snicker eggs in reg snickers, peanut butter, milky way eggs and I can’t remember the others. They were so freshly put out that I had to open a new box to get mine.

    I was ready to go home and I had seven coupons left so I said, I’m going for broke. I took all 14 to the register and when he rang them up they came up at .87 cents so I showed him the clear signage showing 2/$1.50, he manually corrected it and I was on my way — btw this same thing happened at the 1st stop, that’s how recently they had put the eggs out, the sale price is not even in the system yet.

    In any case, I’m rambling, “Thanks again Vetta!”

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