FREE + MM Thermacare Heat Wraps @ Walgreens!!

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Here is an awesome deal guys, thanks to reader Maria, we can score a great deal on Thermacare. Of course I had to run out and do this deal so I can come back and report to you all…You should have a $2 coupon for the heatwraps that came out the paper a little bit ago. But I found a $3 coupon HERE that will make this deal sweeter. It was $6.99 at my store and you get $5RR when you buy.

My RR didn’t print. The manager tried a couple different types but it didn’t print. But since they had the sign up on the shelves he gave me a gift card instead (which I much prefer to a RR anyway…ssshhh). It is not in the ad but its marked in the store so check your store to see if its marked and score this deal.


Buy – 1 Thermacare HeatWrap $6.99 (price may be less, it was $6.49 in Maria’s store)

Use – $3 coupon HERE

Pay – $3.99, get back $5RR

Final price – FREE plus $1.01 MM!


  1. The deal is when you by one participating Advil product and one Therma Care product, you get the $5 RR. The lowest price for Advil in my store was $8.99.

    • Thanks Susie, it didnt say that on the info at my store and even the manager didnt know anything about the advil thermacare, he says its says thermacare $6.99-$5RR is like paying $1.99. Thats what the sign said. So he gave me the RR amount on a gc. The Advil were not even marked in th store so no one even thought of that. IDk, very strange

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