Back To Basics – What does All This Writing On The Coupon Mean?

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I just got my first coupon. What is all this info on it?

So you are new to couponing, you just got your first Sunday paper insert of printed your first coupon. What does all this mean on the coupon? One per purchase? Manufacture coupon? Only 2 identical coupons? I am so confused.

I am here to help you decipher and conquer the coupon. It is not as difficult as you think to read and follow the instructions on the coupons. Most coupons now have very specific information on how it should be used, when it should be used by and how much you should be saving on that particular product.


  1. Manufacture coupon – this means the coupon was provided by the manufacture to help you save money on their particular coupon. This coupon can be used anywhere coupons are accepted.
  2. Expiration date – This tells you when this coupon expires. Coupons for the most part cannot be used past its expiration date. Some stores however do accept expired coupons. Be sure to check with your store on such policy.
  3. $ amount off or save $/product  – This tells you the value of the coupon, how much you will save on that particular product. In this case you will save $3. It also tells you exactly what product you are saving $3 on. In this case, it’s the Ultimate Flora.

Below how much you will save and on what are smaller writings, as a new couponer you may disregard, because who really reads the fine prints? Well in the world of coupons the fine print can mean the difference between using a coupon correctly and committing fraud without even realizing it.

  1. Limit one coupon per purchase – What is a purchase? Can I only buy one every time I shop? A purchase simply means an item. If you are purchasing 3 items, you can use 3 coupons, one for each purchase or item. Sometimes a coupon will go on to say only 2 like coupons per shopping trip. This means you can use 2 of that particular coupon anytime you shop.

This coupon also goes on to give additional information on exactly what the coupon can and cannot be used on

  1. Not valid on 14 count – means you cannot purchase the 14 count Ultimate flora and use this coupon as that would be incorrect. If there is a 15 count, you are more than welcome to use the coupon on that item, or anything higher than 14 count
  2. Retailer information – This is where the manufacture instructs the retailer on how and where to send the coupons so they can be reimbursed for the coupon used. Yes, the stores do get their money back for you using a coupon. Don’t feel like you are using a coupon and jibbing the store of that money. They are actually MAKING money from you using a coupon. As you can see, it says they will get an extra $.08 per coupon they send in. Imagine a larger store where couponers shop daily, sending in over 1 million coupons per month. That’s 1million * $.08 they are MAKING that month just by you using a coupon. You are making them more money than a cash customer. Do not feel bad about using your coupons.
  3. This is where the retailer sends the coupon. It also reemphasize that this is a manufacture coupon since it has a remit address where the store should send the coupon to get reimbursed.



The picture on the coupon is there for reference, it is not there as the only product the coupon can be used on. If the pictures where to be used instead of the words on the coupon, most coupons would need to list about 100 pictures as the coupon can be used on a variety of products, they would have to also put a picture of the different scents, flavor, size, shape…you get the picture. You do not go by the picture on the coupon but the words on the coupon.


Now that you have a close look at what a coupon looks like, what all these crazy words mean, are you ready to tackle using a coupon? Do you have any additional questions about the coupon itself?





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