52 Weeks Of Saving!! Fun And Easy Way To Save 2013!! Come Join Me!!

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I have seen this picture floating around my Facebook news feed all day yesterday and today. And I think its brilliant. My friends are joining in so I figured why not me, then I thought, why not my couponing friends since we are all about saving money. I think this is such a great and easy way to save some money this year.

Are you in? Are you ready to save some money for whatever your needs may be?

Here is an idea. If you find that you have less money to put away during the holiday season, since Christmas time you will be saving more, do this backwards. start form week 53, this week and go back to week 1.


Week 1

Grab an envelope, label it 52 weeks of savings, tuck it way and bring it out only when you are putting your weekly amount in. Get the family involved and make it fun!

This will be in addition to my regular saving, kids college fund deposit, “momma wanna travel the world when she is old” deposit. lol So if you regularly save, just use this in addition to what you are already doing for some extra extra cash 🙂


Happy Saving!







  1. This is an awesome idea. I will be taking this challenge and doubling it and maybe even tripling it. I figured it I save twice as much I can use the extra money to pay extra payments on a loan.

  2. What a great idea… I will be taking this challenge as well.!! I am also going to show it to a few friends and my (adult) children… Who know’s maybe it will = a wonderful family vacation.. wooohoo! Thanks this is great.

  3. What a great idea… I will be taking this challenge as well.!! I am also going to show it to a few friends and my (adult) children… Who know’s maybe it will = a wonderful family vacation.. wooohoo! Thanks this is great.

  4. Hi Vetta, you finally talked me into it, ha ha!! I see this 52 weeks of savings photo everytime I open your website since it’s at the top of your page, so I finally decided why not?! I will give it a shot. I put $6 in to start out for weeks 1-3. 🙂 I think I will do ok until I get to the higher dollar amounts, lol!

  5. hey vetta. love your blog. i noticed theres an error on the chart for week 49 just thought i would let you know so you can let others know.

  6. I love the backwards idea! Especially since right now I have tax money but by the end of the year most of it’s gone! Thanks Vetta!

  7. Someone sent me this also on Facebook. I have decided to do triple the amount. One reason is I have not been saving as I should, as far as putting money away not in my savings from coupons ,secondly I’m getting married this year so I’m putting money away for that so I don’t have to charge everything. And third I take a yearly trip with a travel group and this Amount will cover the whole trip plus airfare.

  8. I didn’t see this, but given this past Holiday season after settling a WC 5yr case, I was FINALLY able to par-take in BLACK FRIDAY (FINALLY I have tv’s I can read the writting @ the bottom of the screen), started saving, so MAYBE (I am now perm. disable) I can AGAIN par-take in Black Friday & up to a BIGGER tv 😀 However, 32″ sure beats 19″.

  9. I’m still doing it. Although I have to start counting the weeks again because I get off track. I decided that Tuesday is the day that I transfer the money I have a add-on CD at my bank. I’ve also started another one that’s backwards starting in May so I start with $52 and then I end with one dollar after the year so that it’s not so difficult for the money away towards the end. Good luck to those who are still doing it.

  10. Hi! I started this a little late! I just deposited Week 6 in our savings account! We are using this as Christmas spending for Christmas 2014! 🙂 I am so excited! 🙂

  11. It’s week 45 and I can’t believe it! This cash envelope has grown to over $1,000. I didn’t think I could be this disciplined. Beginning next year, I’m going to work it backwards. Thanks for the idea. Take care! Love your deals too!

  12. Hi Vetta, I am going to make it on the 52 week of savings. I decided to start backwards, since in Nov. & Dec. I don’t have as much money and I am glad I did. I appreciate you kept the savings chart at the top of your home page all year. That was my reminder to put my money in! Thank you for the savings idea. Now I just have to decide what I want to spend it on. 🙂

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