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Have Cats? Get Tidy cat litter for $.67 at Walmart or Target

  Grab this offer before they reset These go for $1.77 in walmart Use the $1.10 off coupon found HERE (go to the pet category) Pay only $.67 What a steal!!!

Make sure your watching the cashier

So I was at Walmart tonight making my purchase using my coupons. I handed the lady a coupon for $3 off and the product was priced at $2.98. She wouldnt ring it up because she said the coupon was more than the product price. I advised her that its Walmarts policy that they can take […]

FREE Tub of Conttonelle Moist Wipes

  Get your free wipes. Sign up now for your coupon for free tub in the mail Click HERE

K-Y Jelly FREE at Walmart

This is a must grab, its FREE these go for around $2.70 at walmart and we have $3 off coupons HERE Its FREE plus you get back $.30 these I beleive have no or a very long expiration date so go ahead and stock pile them….:) Sign up and click on begin saving after to […]

$5 Off PRECISE,™ from the Makers of TYLENOL $.97 You pay

  Grab this awesome offer right now. I heard the heat packs go for $5.97 in walmart, that would make these under a pack…Crazy. Grab your before they are gone Click HERE  

Free Sample of Shout with Color Catcher

  With Color Catcher® you can mix whites, lights and colors without worrying about color runs. No need to separate clothes by color!Color Catcher® traps loose dyes and dirt released during the wash cycle. At the end of the wash, the dye and dirt come out on the Color Catcher® sheet, not your clothes. The Proof is […]

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